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Thread: puppy training

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    You have been given lots of info....also try kikkopup on youtube..........lots of fun
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    Kikopup has a good vid on teaching a dog to not focus on food kikopup's Channel - YouTube

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    I use high value treats for training new stuff - or for things I want to continue to strongly enforce, like recall. I used cooked chicken bits (our IGA sells them cheaply), pizza pieces (also from IGA, mostly cubed ham), frankfurts (but found those too salty) and cubed microwaved liver, which turned out to be the cheapest and best. Though lately I've been slack and have been using the Nature's Gift treats or liver treats but she's doing fine with those now and I'm mostly reinforcing behaviours she does well already (also been slack with teaching new tricks).

    Soft food is better though if you are training on the go or training for focus when there are distractions. In those situations you want them to be able to easily swallow the treat. Even now, when I am rewarding a leave when my dog wants to go chase a cat down the road or something and I give her a Nature's Gift treat, it sometimes just rolls out of her mouth if she is too focused on the distraction. lol While a cube of cooked liver she will still swallow in those situations.

    The more you reward with desirable treats, the more they will want to work for food. It's as if the act of getting a treat becomes all important and I think that is why my dog is now less fussy about what the treat actually is. Though some dogs aren't very food motivated and may do better with rewards like playing tug or fetch apparently.
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    Thanks! I will try getting a few different meats and see what he prefers.

    I taught him to speak over the last few days.. I found he sometimes barks at the cat or the ducks in an effort to entice them to play, so I captured this behaviour and I had him barking at me today and he's barked a few times on command with no stimulus. But I find now he barks a lot more readily at the cat and in general, so I think I'll have to reinforce the 'quiet' command to make sure he doesn't get the wrong idea. I was pretty impressed though, I only started trying to capture it yesterday and he seemed to have no clue what I wanted, he was only barking maybe once every 5-10mins and I managed to get him to bark at me today by hiding behind something and poking my face out and he seemed to respond to that in a barky playful way and I managed to get him barking almost every time I did it so it was a lot quicker to reinforce. Is the trick to teaching 'quiet' to get them to not bark when they want to? so if I was doing the same 'peek-a-boo' game with him and sometimes told him to speak and sometimes told him quiet? and just ignore when he barks when I say quiet?

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