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Thread: 6yo Labrador has randomly started chewing stuff up

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    Unhappy 6yo Labrador has randomly started chewing stuff up

    My Labrador has never chewed up anything non-food related. (Except for when he was a young puppy, as puppies do)

    I just moved house recently and whenever i go out i leave him inside as i don't trust the fences here (He's fine to go out into the yard when I'm home, but i get nervous about him trying to escape when i leave)

    Anyway, I'm rambling, my point is that twice he has chewed up things while i was out (an hour or two max). Once a cheap fabric bag and the second time a small cardboard box.

    He gets exercised and isn't left alone and bored for a long periods of time, if i had to guess i would say its stress or anxiety from moving house.

    Its just shocked me a little because its quite out of character. I'd love some other opinions on what it could be and what i could do to help him.

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    I agree that it could well be caused by the stress of moving. I don't know if there is much you can do to help ease that. I reckon usually they just get over it once they get used to their new home, which would probably take a few weeks.

    In the meantime, do you leave him something to chew on or toys? Rawhide chews, Kong, treat ball...

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    New place = stress for about if you leave him in the house with a filled chew toy (kong or such) or a brisket type bone. I always leave my dogs with a chew of some sort. it has always worked for all my Rescues and now everyone just waits for me to leave (hurry, hurry, hurry go), so that they get their chew LOL.

    And maybe do a few leave him for only a short time..come back... make it a little longer and come back, short time and come back. Just become unreliable in the time you are away and throw in a few very short ones. I find this stops dogs who are not really full on anxious settle down to how they were
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    I agree with moving = stress
    But might be worth checking his teeth/gums? just in case?

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