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Thread: How to Stop the Dog from Jumping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mason.e View Post
    Ok thanks, i will try stuff, but dog doesn't learn to sit either so well see what happens.

    Just turn your back on it and loudly say "NO". Make it sound like growling. In dog's language, turning your back is one of the calming signals, means you need it to settle down and you are annoyed. Please do not use knees, grabbing and other nonsense methods. t will learn in time, but do not expect an overnight result.

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    How is saying No to an animal that doesn't speak English less nonesensical than any other method? No is the most overused work in the English language IMO. No, get out of it. No, leave it. No, come here. No, stop doing that. etc etc etc

    Turning your back to a dog is NOT a calming signal - turning side on is a calming signal, turning away is a calming signal - but turning your back will just get you jumped on more. A dog can't read your back - they can read your face though and the subtle movements you make.

    Carolark ..... Our Dogs' Language - that has calming signals in photo form.

    I wonder if mason still even has the dog

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    Default How to stop dog from jumping

    Quote Originally Posted by mason.e View Post
    my dog keeps jumping up on us, how do we stop it?
    Use a remote trainer. Evertime the dog jumps, give it a correction.
    There is a wide range on this website

    Remote Pet Trainers :: Innotek Australia - Authorized distributor and Regional Service Centre of Petsafe, Sportdog, Innotek and Staywell Products

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    I turn my back to NJ and that's worked for me. But that is me.

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    Just to add something when visitors come over try to get the to participate and tell your dog to sit also, consistency is the key. Tell your friends that your dog is no alowed to jump on anyone even if they say its ok with them. If your friend allows your dog to jump up on them your dog will then continue jumping on other people.

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