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    There has already been some great advice given but after going through the very same thing I can share what I did that worked for us

    To begin with , as Lala suggested we would put the dog away if someone came to visit . Usually out the back yard ( as our dogs are usually in the house) or in the back room. Anywhere that is secure that they cannot continue to see the 'reason' the perceive to be a threat.

    After a little while once they had accepted this and quietened down again we then proceeded to pretty much what Pawfectionist has advised .Including a vet visit , just in case. We also seemed to notice that the particular dog in question was much worse if it was myself that went to greet the visitors or I was there by myself. This dog was also extremely protective of myself. So for the first few weeks ( and it can be a true proverbial pain in the bum) we tried to have our visitors only come over when someone else could greet the visitor.

    Slowly but surely we worked up to the dog was pretty much allowing anyone in though would still be watchful and wary if whoever it was got close to myself.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel

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    So we have been working with koda for the past couple of days, doing what you guys have seggested.
    i cant believe the improvement!!! he is such a quick learner
    yesterday morning my Grandfather, came over (at that point he didnt know about Koda's recent aggression) Koda went absolutely mental and when Grandad tried to pat him, Koda actually looked like he was going to bite!!!
    we quickly explained everything to grandad,and we worked on it, by the time grandad was leaving, koda was just wandering around the yard with grandad, only giving the occasional quiet woof (compared to crazy barking and growling)
    This morning Grandad came over again, and guess what... nothing! Koda didnt react at all, no barking, no growling, nothing. authough he still looked un-sure.
    not long after grandad left, my Uncle came over, again Koda was very good, he barked a bit but he is really learning amazingly fast!
    thank you, everyone for the advise!

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    I'm so happy to hear that it is improving so fast! He is a clever boy.

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    That is great news, very glad Koda is improving so quickly. Keep working with him.

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