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Thread: Dogs going crazy at the back fence ...........

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    Default Dogs going crazy at the back fence ...........

    Hi There

    New to the forum with a problem ...

    I have 2 dogs 1 that's 6 years old (Alaskan malamute X German shepard ) and the other thats just turned 1 (Pug x cavalier )......

    The problem i have is the older dog (Jaspa) is quite vicious towards some dogs like wants to eat them and has tried,,,,and others she loves to pieces..

    ......Need help with ideas on how to control or lessen the aggression ,,,,,because she isnt just barking at the other dogs she wants to rip them to shredds.....

    This is where the other dog comes into it she is learning all these bad habits.....

    Any help would be very much appreciated.....

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    Without seeing the dog and knowing what is causing the aggression issues no one will be able to give you answers for your particular dog. Each dog is different and there are lots of different causes of aggression, each that require their own program to try and fix the issue.

    Your title says "dogs going crazy at the back fence"

    So do you want to fix the dogs aggression issues or just the issue of barking/lunging at the back fence?

    If you just want to do something about the back fence, then you need to fall back on management. As in block the dogs from accessing the back fence by putting up a secondary inner fence about a meter away, or make it so they can't see through the fence with bamboo screens etc.

    If you want to do something about your older dogs aggression then I suggest you find a good behaviouralist in your area. If you would like suggestions I am sure members will be happy to help but we will need your general location (suburb or city).

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    Hi there

    thanks for your reply......I guess if we could fix the aggressiveness that would help the back fence problem.....

    It's only towards some dogs and i understand that all dogs don't get along but this is different like she wants to eat the other dog,,,,,,

    But as soon as the dog goes past she is happy enough to say hello to the person walking the dog....So she love people and kids just some dogs.......

    But i have a feeling that it has got worse since the new dog has come along maybe she is being protective not sure...

    We live near Sutherland south sydney...

    Thanks again Luke

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    Ok well first you need to manage the issues at the back fence. The best way is to stop their access to the back fence. So make a visual barrier or put in a temporary secondary fence a metre or so away from the back fence to stop them running up and down and barking at everyone and everything that goes past.

    In relation to the aggression, as I mentioned earlier it is very hard to really help without seeing the dog and the instances it reacts etc.

    I would suggest you seek experienced Behavioural trainers in your area to help you out.

    The only one that I know of that has a good reputation in Sydney is Steve at K9 Pro. Personally I don't agree with *all* of his methods but I know he gets results and knows what he is doing.
    K9 Pro The K9 Professionals; Dog Training and Behaviour Site

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    MY dog does a similar thing when we're at the dog park. He's usually ok with most of the dogs inside the park but as soon as there's one outside the fence, he goes mental. Even if it's one he's just been playing with on the inside. I just don't get it and he's becoming an embarrassment to take to the park. He just goes psycho, trying to attack the dog on the other side of the fence. One park in particular near home I can't take him to anymore because there's a bike track along one side of it and heaps of people walk their dogs past. Some people won't even bring their dogs inside when they see him act like that because they assume he's a vicious dog

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    OH, I should probably mention too that the behaviour got worse once we got our second dog, just like OP mentioned. I reckon it's some behaviour he picked up at the pound (both are rescued/pound dogs)

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    My old dog used to do that. Though mainly at backyard fences and gates, including our own.

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    Bingo - if my dog did that barking through the fence thing at the dog park - I'd put her on lead and go to the far side of the park until she calmed down. And I'd do that every time she went mental and every time I saw the trigger of her barking (eg for your dog - the bike and dog outside). Put your dog on lead and away before it gets started. The more opportunity it gets to be naughty, the more it will do it. It's self re-inforcing. So it's up to you to control the opportunity.

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    It is called fence/boundary aggression. It is pretty common (think about all the dogs you walk past when walking your dog who go mental at the fence) and is generally a learned behaviour. Ie: they do it at home, dogs walking past react by either getting scared and going away or barking/lunging/growling back, and this makes the behaviour worse. Now the behaviour has generalised and is happening outside of home.

    You need to manage your dogs access to the fences at home to stop him barking/lunging etc at people/dogs who go past and also do what Hyacinth has said. Don't even give your dog the chance to run up to the fence and start carrying on. If you see a dog coming then put your dog on lead and move it to the other end of the park while the other dog comes in. If you are just letting your over aroused dog meet other dogs at the gate like that your dog is likely to start a fight. I had to yell at a guy at the park last week for this very reason.

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    I agree with most of the posts on this thread.

    As a dog trainer in Melbourne, I can't help but notice that noone has mentioned anything about taking control and starting with the basics... BASIC OBEDIENCE. I have found that most dogs I have worked with that have behaviour problems have little to no general obedience, such as sit, come, handler focus. These are all very important.

    If you take your dog to the park and let it off lead knowing it has some aggression issues, you are just going to make the problem worse.

    I would suggest starting with basic obedience, for BOTH dogs. If needed, consult a local trainer or go to a class (classes may not be possible in the early stages if Jaspa is "aggressive" toward other dogs). Taking their focus off other things and onto you always makes a difference.

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