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Thread: Dogs going crazy at the back fence ...........

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    wrong thread sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by DogWhispererKev View Post
    Hi there, I can help and show you how to control your dogs aggression.
    Previous dog (Boxer) I helped rehabilitate, had the same issue with fence aggression, was also dog aggressive.
    Attacked my dog once, then I corrected the boxer.
    It never attack my dog again.
    And the boxer spent the rest of the session side by side with my dog, calm submissive

    Feel free to add my facebook and ask questions.
    DogWhisperer Kev | Facebook

    And if your interested in a session.
    Just e-mail me.
    Plugging of business on the forum is not allowed unless permission is gained by the Administrator which is Morgan.

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    2 weeks ago, we moved to a new house, with wire 'see through' fencing, that leads to wetlands. ie. there are lots of dogs walking past to bark at. And so they became barkers for the first time.

    I watched the behaviour real carefully. And came to the conclusion, that my now barking dogs, were having a ball, being all aggressive at the fence, and having that behaviour rewarded as the dog's went away (aka had passed the line of sight). I then searched for some confident dog handler to pass, and asked for help. this time their barking did not work, the dog did not go away, it stayed till my dogs were quiet, then the dog walker left as i had previously agreed.
    Neither of my dogs are dog aggressive and run free daily with all sorts of visitors to this park. The barking ONLY occurs once the gate is shut, and they are 'safe' to gob off.
    Kinda 'hold me back, hold me back' plonker behaviour you see in youth.

    I also spent the weekend, with sausages, and every dog walker that passed, i fed my dogs treats at the back fence, so they would not react badly, teaching the nice manners/correct behaviour i want to see.

    We have now seen a great reduction in the barking. With 2 days of serious vigilance and retraining, and distracting.
    People have been really helpful

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    "Kinda 'hold me back, hold me back' plonker behaviour you see in youth."

    I think that's a great way to describe it! My old dog did this a lot and I see other dogs do it on walks with dogs behind fences too. And there is no doubt that to them it's a great game. And totally safe and harmless because of the fence, so in their eyes everyone wins.

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