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    My 2 male dogs 2 and 4 years old 'were' toilet trained and then my son died 10 months ago and they seem to be suffering anxieties. Can anyone suggests ways to stop them urinating inside. At the moment we have them our a laundry with minimal loungeroom time as everytime I let them in, they decided to cock their legs. When they are inside, they always have access to a dog flap.

    My dogs get on well together and don't have issues being together but I need to stop them doing this.

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    Sorry for your tragic loss, it may help to know how old your son was when he passed as to how much of an impact he might have had on their lives?
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    So very sorry for your loss.......And your poor dog are obviously affected best quick suggestion is to start form scratch.........Never leave them in the house without supervision. And personally I would go with the umbilical system.....Dog tied to you always in the house. That way you know where they are and what they are up to. Initially take them out every 30 minutes to toilet and highly praise/reward when they go in the correct place. As hard as it is do not tell them off when they have a mishap, it will only make things worse. if little I will pick them up and get them to finish outside if large, i hurry them on lead out to the place. Again when they go reward/ is a tough road initially, but with time and some dedication it can be done.

    It is very important to scrupulously clean the area dog have soiled...Not ammonia based products........I use the Orange product and bicarb. I also try to clean when the dog is not with me.

    If the dogs are both in, it might be easier if there were two people available to have them re-train, otherwise one at the time. Which could cause some anxiety...
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    One way to tackle this when it is anxiety based, is by putting a belly band on them indoors. This is a simple strip of fabric that goes around their belly, with velcro to hold it together.

    If they are bitches it is a bit trickier but the same, they just need pants ("bitches britches") instead of the band.

    A adhesive sanitary pad, or a larger incontinence one (like Depends) if they are big dogs, gets stuck on the inside, where it rests up against the penis so any urine goes into the pad and not in the house.

    This way, in-house piddles still occur but don't cause stress which exacerbates the problem, they are just ignored. Yet when you take them outside and take off the bands so they can piddle outside they get lots of positive praise and treats.

    If you are not handy with sewing, google belly bands and you can find them cheaply, or get an idea ow to make them if you are able.

    edit to add - I cant attach images on my ipad but this link to a google search will give you an idea. They're actually pretty funky sometimes!

    belly band dogs - Google Search
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    my son was 7 and my 2 dogs adored him. My dogs are a shih Tzu x maltese and a shih tzu x poodle which was bought for my son.

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    I don't know what to say, elkalemi. I am so very sorry for your loss. I am sure the dogs must miss him too. Though not sure if dogs grieve in a similar way as humans do. But they probably sense your sadness, which I suppose would have a similar effect.

    If the problem is caused by anxiety, there doesn't seem to be much that can be done about the cause. I have no idea if restarting toilet training would work in this case. It won't hurt to try, though it is a bit time consuming. If you cannot do that or if it doesn't work, those belts look great.

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