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    Default Interpreting cues

    One of the cues that I teach my dogs is "off the road". It means they need to get off the bitumen - can be a road, a bike path or a carpark - and onto the nature strip or footpath or grass or whatever is next to the bitumen. This is a difficult cue because of the variation in circumstances. But with enough repetition, my old dog totally got it. Banjo is getting there, but she is still trying to figure out the intricacies.

    Tonight we were walking down our street and I was walking on the bitumen as I was barefoot and the gravel and gumnuts on the nature strip were uncomfortable. Banjo stepped onto the street a few times and each time I directed her back onto the footpath with the 'off the road' cue and a reward. Until I noticed that she had decided to interpret the cue as "balance on the kerb" and was taking great care to stay on the narrow concrete border. No small feat for a stocky dog who sways her bum when she walks.

    I think she thought she was very clever that she finally figured out what it was exactly that I wanted of her. But she didn't seem too sad when I steered her off the border and onto the nature strip.

    I love it when she adds her own interpretation to a cue. It shows she thinks for herself. And it reminds me that I need to make more of an effort to show her exactly what I want from her.
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    Very cute and clever too
    Pets are forever

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    I love it. It is great when they come up with their own interpretation. It definitely does make you really think about what they must see from us.

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    haha what a cutie.

    I taught Keira "on the grass" for the same reason. Funnily enough when I taught it was used only to get her off the bitumin (there was no foot paths in some areas we walked so I walked on the road and I would direct her off it) but it has come massively in handy now as she has shoddy hips and walking on the grass is lower impact for her so now I can direct her off the footpath and onto the grass.

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    thats just adorable

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