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Thread: My dog is out of control

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    Default My dog is out of control

    My 9 month old german shepherd has just started chewing everything. our watering system has been absolutely destroyed so we moved him into a yard, so he then decided to tip his water bowl over every day twice a day. I have given him a kong with food in it but he doesnt seem interested in it.
    Any ideas cause I am bloody frusterated.

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    9 months is often when pups are at their worst again....My perfect newfie went a little silly and naughty at 9 months, it is just so ....hormones and such

    But boredom also plays a large role. Dogs need to be kept busy when they are awake. And dogs need a lot of time with people, their people. GSD's especially love to be with their family. Some breeds are a lot more independent than others.

    We have sandpits for our puppies....we bury "treasures" in the morning for the dogs to find. we also hang toys in our tree in the kennel run and we have food toys.And I am one of those people who believes in meaty bones, brisket for young dogs.....They do not splinter and take a while to eat.

    When we get home and before we leave we do a lot of walking and training. Dogs think the right training is play. A long walk before you leave makes for a tired pup. With my Katy I used to do a lot of swimming before i went to work, I tired her out.

    As for the water bowl, get one they cannot tip. We use a tyre with a very large metal salad bowl, which fits perfectly and cannot be tipped. In Summer we also have a pet pool in the kennel run. And it is changed daily and gives our dogs huge entertainment when they are in there. We put floaty toys in it

    We only keep our puppies/young dogs in the run and our older dogs when we think we will be away extra long, over 8 hours. But our dogs now live indoors, mostly on our screened verandah ( especially during snake season), by their choice, because they can go in the house. They never make a mess, just sleep mainly and look out. A lot of people are amazed they do not chew or get up to mischief, but early training sets a pattern. And lots of time spent with them and keeping them busy/tired keeps for happy dogs.

    I know this works for older dogs, as I have two Rescue's here now, who came to us mature and not well trained. If you spend a lot of time with your dog, it will pay of ten-fold. Dogs need and deserve lots of time and of course just plain old love.

    Getting angry and frustrated is not helping. When my dogs have done something wrong, like a puppy mistake, I just blame myself and work my way out of it.....i blame us, when the dogs have done something wrong. We are usually to blame.......
    Pets are forever

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    My mate had an APBT that at approximately the same age just went nuts every day while he was at work. Everyday he would come home to find something new chewed. One day he found the lounge spread across the floor. From that day on, every evening he'd get on his bike and take the dog for a long run = problem solved

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    I walk my dog every morning before work and give her things to keep busy during the day, but she still chews things. Not as much as she used to when we first got her though. But it's costly nevertheless. We lost numerous pairs of footwear (6yo daughter always ends up forgetting to put her shoes away eventually!), today I noticed she's entertained herself with chewing the valve out of the inflatable dog bed (that my old dog loved) and she ripped pieces out of the slip and slide we just had delivered. Most of the things she chews can be put away though...

    But as I said, she has improved. I take her for an off leash run every morning without fail. For about half an hour. I used to walk her after work too, but lately that hasn't happened much.

    She isn't overly interested in her kongs either. She does love her treat ball though. I have started putting cubes of microwaved liver in it. Or lately kidneys which I bought by mistake. I fill it up before I get to work and it's empty when I get home. I takes quite a bit of time to empty it as it has a maze inside and they need to roll it and throw it around to get the treats out.

    I know lots of other ideas on how to keep dogs busy during the day have been mentioned on this site, but I'm not sure how to find the posts.

    And GSDs are very intelligent dogs so doing lots of training would probably be a good way to tire him out too.

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    Definitely sounds like boredom to me. Try some of Newfsie's enrichment ideas and a walk in the morning works wonders

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Can't agree more with Newfie (and others' posts).
    Your pup is going through adolescents and this will happen a few times over the next 9 - 10 months. Your pup will go through good and bad periods.

    Lots of exercise, free running is best because you shouldn't be doing long walks yet as the pups bones are still developing. Swimming is great because 5 minutes of swimming is like 30 minutes of walking without the impact on their joints.

    One kong isn't going to keep your pup amused. You need to have a fair few toys (don't have to be expensive) and rotate the toys each day so they don't become bored with them.
    Great and cheap ideas are coke (soft drink) or milk bottles, poke some holes in it, chuck in some dry food or cubed meat and give it to the dog, not only is it noisy to play with but food comes out, they can spend hours trying to get all the food out, and you can make it as easy or hard as you want. Costs you next to nothing.
    I do the same thing as above with egg cartons as well.
    Icecream container, fill it with water, put in a chicken wing, chicken necks, meat whatever you want and freeze it, give it to pup frozen, keeps pup cool and amused.
    The clam shell sand pit with treats in it is a great idea and fun, plus you can fill the other side with water for your pup to cool down in.

    In regards to kongs what exactly are you putting in it? Maybe try something a bit more exciting to stuff it with like raw meat or mince...

    If you are worried about the cost of dog toys try, they are much cheaper than over here in Aus and postage is very reasonable.

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    not sure if you live in a city area or whether you can afford it, but maybe consider a dog walker during the day when you are at work? You might be able to find someone who is even willing to jog and really burn off energy rather than just walk...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nashems View Post
    not sure if you live in a city area or whether you can afford it, but maybe consider a dog walker during the day when you are at work? You might be able to find someone who is even willing to jog and really burn off energy rather than just walk...
    Again being that the pup is under 12 months old and a German Shepherd, being over walked is not a good idea. Ie: if you got a dog walker they would only be able to take him for 10 - 15 mins at a time, the rest would have to be playing in the backyard.

    I wouldn't be running or jogging him at all. Free running (in your backyard or a park) is different.

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    Im curious to is free running at the park or in the yard really any different to goign for a walk (not a run or a jog but a walk)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    Im curious to is free running at the park or in the yard really any different to goign for a walk (not a run or a jog but a walk)?
    Because they have the ability to self limit and when running around on their own they will. Often a dog will maybe do zoomies or run around like crazy for a couple minutes then slow down and just walk around sniffing.

    If you are walking, running or jogging the dog can't choose when to rest/have a break because it just has to keep going along with you.
    So if you take the dog for an hour long walk the dog has no choice but to walk with you.

    There is also differences in that when you are walking your dog you walk on footpaths, when a dog is allowed to run around in the yard or park it is grass. These two surfaces have very different impact levels on the dogs joints. But the main difference is that they will self limit when allowed to free run.

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