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Thread: Worried Staffy Owner needing advice

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    Thank you everyone for your advice. We will be definitely working on this over the next few months. Although I have to say no-one has been particularly keen to be a human sacrifice and see how he reacts to the uniform. I will let you all know how we get on. I think I have been nice enough to the ranger that he will try to co-operate, and as they are in the area regularly I may be able to get him to make a scheduled visit.

    Thanks again

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    There should not be anything to worry about for the "victim" if you follow the slowly-slowly method I described. You really want to avoid your dog getting to the point that they are so excited that you cannot get their attention anymore and the other person starts feeling threatened. If that happens, you went too close too fast and you should move back and aproach more slowly. Just my 2c though.

    I also think that allowing your dog to get into that excited state when near the ranger (or similar person?) would only enforce the behaviour and should best be avoided as much as possible. So I would be careful about the ranger possibly adopting a gun-ho "I'll just get in his face till he accepts me" attitude.
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    Staffies are one of the best dogs I have ever owned and I thnik what started this was a bad exp with a ranger in his live and you did say he was in dog friging maybe that tort him to fear the ranger and some uniform person propy hit the shit in to him and frighten him that bad to make him fear them for life I feel sorry for the poor staffy

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    He is a risk, so containing him at all times is must. If he has an aversion to uniforms, that could be police, fire, ambo, ranger, kid in dress ups...

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    Do you have any friends he doesn't know who can try coming around when you're not home to see if it's the uniform that's an issue or just the intrusion? Some dogs feel less secure when their people are not home, so having a stranger come in at that time can set off a heightened reaction.

    If it does seem to be the uniform setting him off, you can try desensitising him by having visitors over in partial uniforms - like just the shirt to start with, and just hanging about for long enough that he settles down. The more settled he gets, the more uniform you can add. If you treat it as normal, ignore any hysteria and go about the day with the uniformed friend with you, he should settle eventually. I know it's hard if he's gong ballistic, but if you behave as if the uniform is nothing out of the ordinary, he should get the message from you to relax.

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