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    Default We graduated

    FYI at 3 years of age and 2.5 years of training, my staffy had gradutated to yellow class at obedience.

    This is the last step before trialing her in obedience, I've never done it before and I'm getting so nervous but excited that it's on the horizon. Unfortunately next year study is going to interfere with obedience so we'll be doing a bit of agility instead and back at obedience on the TAFE holidays. I'll continue obedience training with my brother's shar pei who almost gradutated to intermediate class but missed out by a whisker.

    She was one of only 2 dogs to graduate that night.
    I'm so proud of her, she's grown so much from that nutty pup that used to just about tear your arm out of it's socket on walks LOL.
    She still a high energy dog which can be challenging at times but it's worked to her advantage because she has a lot of drive and motivation to work.
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    Such is Life
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    I had to prove it to myself.
    I went there for help because she was pulling on lead, pretty much tore my hair our because she also lunged at other dogs and people on our walks. She has a lot of energy and she just popcorned all over the place! plus she had the power behind her to make this a potentially a real problem if it persisted into adulthood. I'm physically a very small and not very strong person with a medium-large (big for a staffy) energetic very powerful dog!!! it's a mismatch is ever I saw one but like every relationship if you put the effort into making it work sometimes it does .

    I don't know why I stayed in training past good lead manners to be honest. It's very fustrating, I suppose it gave me an excuse to get out with the dogs. What else an I going to do on a Tuesday night, and it's only $3 so I save a bit of moolah instead of going out and I'm still socialising, but with dog people .

    I now have a 6 month old border collie pup and now I have to go through that cheeky pup stage all over again. He's a fast learner, but a bit flakey, it's in one ear and out the other with borders LOL, I notice that with a lot of borders which are popular at our club. He's definately your typical border pup :P , no surprises there.
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    Well done
    i know for 1 how hard it can be
    many many lifes ago i use to train the old way
    but with my little dog that io have now there is nio way that i can
    i got her from the pound, and its taken many months tears and lots of whys but we are now getting there
    she sits comes stays comes to heal begs spins and drops now learning roll over
    we do these as she has an anxaty problem with other dogs while on a lead, so i see anothe dogs comeing we do these tricks
    and it taken time but we get there now every one things she is funny but real what it is doing is helping her so win win win win
    and now working on leavel 3 for deta dogs
    any way well done
    take care

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    Yeah pound dogs are generally a bit rough around the edges when you get em. They're great dogs through if you put the time into them. Sometimes you can be training something for what seems like forever with what feels like no progress and one day it just clicks and the dog knows what you mean. Make a massive fuss of it when they finally get it right.

    I taught Sui "spin" too :P , only recently, about a month ago. She did it by accident one day when she sat in front of me and I stepped forward she spun around to get out of my way. Now she does this adorable pirouette on command . But she loves it too she has the biggest smile on her face when I ask her to do it. She'd be great at freestyle heeling, she's go the drive and bouncy personality of the best, except she might be a little clumsy :P. Which is fine because I have two left feet so we can both be clumsy together LOL.
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    Such is Life
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    Yes it is , to be able to use something that they dog with out training is so good
    kimmy always lies sleeps on her back so roll over is easy
    and yes pound dogs are hard ab=nd this one very smart and head strong, it has taken realy well over a year for her to realy trust me, now she learns very quickly, but it realy dosnt matter if she learns nothing i still love her and would never give her up

    take care

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    Mine is a pound dog and i had no issues whatsoever with her, quite often she was the ONLY dog to graduate in her class, many of our instructors thought i had taken her to puppy classes because she was so smart and attentive and were suprised when i told them i had got her from the pound. Initially i took her as a way for her and myself to bond and for abit of socialisation. She is now im the last class before she starts trials also but i havent been taking her as they changed the hours (from 7pm to 8pm) which was far too late & cold during winter. I still practice with her at the park & people love asking about her awards which are all stuck to the fridge!

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