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    Hope this is in the correct spot.

    Our very highly food obsessed beagle has discovered that the chooks lay eggs and that I feed the chooks every day. He is constantly digging/chewing/breaking through the chook run fencing to get their feed and the eggs (he is very friendly to the chooks themselves).
    He will spend hrs and is quite obsessed with getting in. Once in- he cannot get back out! (we are on a steep hill) and then HOWLS all day to be rescued from the chook run- not making us popular with the neighbours. Today he barked for 6 straight hrs until a neighbour climbed the fence and let him out of the chook run....

    We are considering obtaining one of the electronic containment fences (where the dog has a colar that shocks them if they approach the area)- can anyone give any feedback on these systems? Are they worth it? Do they work? Do they hurt the dog? Is any brand better than others?
    To refence the entire area with cement footings the entire way around seems very daunting, and I dont want him tied up all day long.
    He is very well exercised, 7 yrs old. He is a good dog but his absolute food obsession is very tiring...

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    Sorry to laugh but that getting in and then stuck thing cracks me up. I guess they do hurt a bit but thats what makes em work. He'll learn soon enough not to do it again.
    This You tube flick shows what sort of punch they give to a human. It always makes me laugh...
    Hot Girlfriend Electric fence Prank - YouTube

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    The property I keep my horse they used one two contain their 2 Kelpie X's.
    It seems to work very well. Its under the ground, and while the dogs dont have big bulky collars on, id assume it has something to do with that, as anyone and anything can cross over the line and be like nothing ever happened.
    One of the dogs kept bursting through the pain to get passed, but I think they've turn up the voltage and its stopped.
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    I have one and its amazing!! Bought it off ebay for $80 and it is great in keeping my escape artist in! So yes I would definatley reccomend. However make sure the electric box is somewhere they or other dogs cant reach as when the collar is off they like to extract their revenge!

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    It was NOT funny at 1am as I trudged down the hill to investigate the continued dog barking (trapped in chook run after his midnight feast), not to mention the slowely starving chooks, our very depleated egg supply and our growing steadily more and more obese dog!
    Many thanks for all comments though!

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    Maybe you could put a dog door in the chook yard fence, at least one that lets the dog out (valve). And a nice doggy sleeping area. And make the eggs a bit harder to get at for a dog. Ie higher than dog jumping height, up a chook friendly ladder.

    I find that large concrete pavers and besa blocks stop my dog from digging holes along my fences. She's not really trying to escape - just mouse hunting but it's still not ok.

    And the invisible fences do work - so long as you follow the training instructions so the dog knows what to do when it gets zapped (ie retreat not panic and charge). And some dogs get collar smart, so you want to have the dog wear the collar some times when it is not on (and you're there to prevent access to the chook yard). And it's best if the collar is off the dog for part of the day too or they can make wear marks.

    I'd be tempted to put the dog in a crate overnight or when you're not there to supervise, but then who would keep the foxes away.

    And you may want to hang some tin can rattles along the fence to deter the dog and alert you to attempted break ins.

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    Hi was just wondering have you tried chook wire
    digging it in
    or lieing it down on the outside so she can not dig in
    just a thought ?
    take care\

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    Thumbs up Yes - They do work... Helped me heaps

    I got a great deal of help in regards to this from the guys at Bark Control - I think I must have asked 20 questions, and they answered them all. They wanted to make sure I got the best system for my situation - couldn't better these guys

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