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Thread: Help! My Dog is Obsessed with Ping Pong Balls...

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    Default Help! My Dog is Obsessed with Ping Pong Balls...

    We have a 1yo Border Collie and she is obsessed with ping pong balls. We cannot have a game without her running madly around and jumping up to the table to get the ball. Once she gets the ball she immediately squashes it and then wants the new ball we are playing with....Any suggestions on how to stop this?????

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    Two thoughts come to mind
    1. LOL
    2. Dangerous - ping pong ball is a choking hazard for a dog that size.

    I would be willing to bet that it isn't the ball itself she is after but - being a BC - the movement of the ball that is attracting her.

    I would put her on a lead and then start to desensitize her to the ball action. Ask for a sit and when she ignore the ball tell her she is good and give her a treat.

    This may not work, and may not work quickly even if it does cause BCs are so movement orientated. Perhaps locking her away from the area where you play is your best solution?

    Have you ever considered doing something like herding or flyball or lure coursing with her? All great outlets for this behaviour

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    I think it will be very hard to stop her from wanting the ball, its her instinct, not bad behaviour.
    She wants to play, as Occy suggested, flyball would be fantastic for her.
    Easy to fix, put her in another room when your playing

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    And get a video! I'd be worried about choking too though...

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