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    Hi folks.
    I would like some tips in training our three year old Schnauzer to drop when he is running off to join in a scuffle. we regularly take him to an off lead park where he is rarely an instigator of a fight but he is more than willing to join in especially if another dog is submissive or timid. If he is close by and not distracted he will drop on command. We don't want this behaviour to continue and any tip would be appreciated.

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    Wouldn't just working on his recall be easier to achieve? My old dog was annoyingly anti-social but I did manage to get her to the stage where I could call her off 90% of the time if I expected trouble. The 10% failure rate was usually caused by me reacting too late. Once they are running full speed and totally focused on their target, it is very hard to make them listen.

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    You will need to take responsibility and "scout" for signs of trouble before your dog locks on. Don't wait until its too late.(already running)

    We were at the off leash beach today - me continually scanning for possible targets but also watching my dogs ears.
    Twice I saw the ears prick up 1. a sunbather alone 2. a little kid alone
    I called him and started to jog away from the target of course he ran along with me and then we found other dogs to play with.

    Last time at the off leash park I made him sit (on lead)and watch the other dogs from a distance. We would move closer every few minutes and sit again.

    One dog from the off leash group came to say hello - then the others came also. The owners called their dogs back - the dogs went back and sat.
    I walked over and let my boy off leash, by then he was at ease and so was I knowing the other dogs were obedient and well trained.

    You have to check out the crowd at any off leash area. If there is rabble around then go to a different park or hang around near the quieter dogs.

    My dog was very excitable, jumpy and mouthy but thanks to advice from
    Mods and members on this forum he is really good (still some fine tuning) now.

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