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Thread: A List of What to Teach Puppy?

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    I have just joined up, though have been reading since deciding to get a puppy a few months ago. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a great list or book which has all the things i should teach puppy and some kind of order?

    I know the basics, sit, stay, leave it etc, but its the other things like um swapping up? Taking dogs food away and replacing it with a higher value treat, crate training etc that i am interested in. I want to train puppy straight away, well at least incorporate training tasks in when the opportunity arises, not just twice a day for five minutes if hat makes sense?


    Oh im getting a cavalier cross in about 9 weeks.

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    Pups cant really handle long periods of training... twice a day for 5 minutes is more then enough... I train Gus once a day for 5 minutes and his done well, also work on one comand a week otherise they get too confused.
    This article I did find very helpful Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    To be honest no ammount of reading can prepare you for getting a pup, I did so much reading and thought I was prepared with armor then I got my pup and all the reading and sorting information went head over heel, I found the best way to get advise was to ask on the forums and take the advise from the folk here, they experience it first hand on a daily basis, your always going to get someone who just got a pup, someone who breeds, someone who is mad into training and therefore they have the answeres about what works best for them... you try it out with your pup it may stick it may not stick then you come back here and have a little rant about what worked what didnt and then people are there to help you all over again.... these forums are a god send when it comes to puppy 101 .

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    Personally I think my most useful commands are...

    Come! Come, come, come... practice this alllll the time with great rewards. "Really Reliable Recall" is a good DVD on the subject
    Give. Useful for both toys and disgusting things they find on walks. Like cat poo.
    Crate training. Not just for toilet training, but for them to be happy in their crate alone and out in public. The "Crate Games" DVD is useful for this.
    A "toilet" command. Soooo handy especially for holidays or trials.
    Leave it. Applies to food, things they want to chase, people they want to greet, dead things they want to roll in.
    Body awareness and confidence. Walking on different surfaces, simple climbing, walking through a tunnel or box, rear end awareness games.
    Teaching to play and teaching to settle. Building their interest in a tug toy or ball but also teaching them that when a game is over, it's over and you have to settle down now.
    Relationship building with games. Lots and lots of games which involve YOU!

    It probably depends on the pup as to how much training you can do. My girl has always LOVED training (she's a working breed) so I could do more sessions with her as a pup than many others.

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    A great list of things to teach puppies and how to teach them is available online at "puppypeaks" that Susan Garrett is running - my current favourite dog trainer.

    Her focus is training for Agility but the stuff she trains is handy for most good family pets.

    Join the community at PuppyPeaks!

    And her blog - with more good stuff is here.
    Dog Training | Susan Garrett's Dog Training Blog

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    Just a little thing that happened by accident at our place - "resting time".

    When my pup was little he loved chasey games and when he sat down to rest I would say "resting time" and sit on the grass beside him.

    I still do and say this before he gets to the point of over excited (jumpy) and he always responds by sitting beside me and calming down.

    It sometimes amazes me that he seems to remember every little detail from his first few weeks with us.

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