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Thread: Please Suggest a Dog Trainer in Blacktown Council

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    Default Please Suggest a Dog Trainer in Blacktown Council

    Hi guys i got myself a 10week old pup yesterday. He'e really good but i need to get him toilet trained. I need some help to start with. He keeps on going in the wrong places. He sleeps in the garage in a large cage but is free to get out of it. He poos and wees on the concrete floor. I'd love to train him to use the dog potty i got for him. During the day he's outside in the backyard with is fully paved. And once again he just poos anywhere. I have a place for him which i would love for him to go.

    I need a trainer to help me show him how to and what to do. I am after someone who does in home visits and charges reasonably.


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    Toilet training a puppy is very simple, you don't need a trainer to help with that I'm sure. You just need to teach him what to do. I did a quick search and there are tonnes of threads here on toilet training.

    Hopefully K&P will pop in soon with some advice - she's a great trainer but not in your area.

    I'll post more information for you shortly, I'm just pressed for time presently.

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    Your puppy is not going to learn if you abandon him in the shed and leave him to his own devices. A puppy under about 4 months of age - will not be able to last the whole time you are at work either - they would last 3 to 4 hours tops. When my puppy was around 12 to 14 weeks - she was sleeping next to my bed - with her lead on her and under me so she couldn't get up without me knowing about it. And I set the alarm for the middle of the night and took her outside to potty.

    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily
    toilet training at dogforum

    I would also suggest asking the breeder you got your puppy from to recommend some puppy schools and if they don't have any idea, ring up a local vet or the AWL or RSPCA and ask them to recommend some. These classes will teach you what you need to know to raise your puppy to be a well behaved polite dog. Untrained labradors are among the most obnoxious, rude and pushy dogs I know - they slobber on me, try to steal my treats, get tangled up with my dog, and knock us both over. Trained ones are bliss by comparison - and they're not born polite and well trained. It's up to you, and it's easy if you just take a few minutes a day.

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