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    Hi forum

    We have a cross lab/retriever pup ( about 10 months), and are having some house training problems.

    Up until around 8 weeks ago we actualy did have him 99.9% trained ( no poo and wee). Then we changed dog food from dry food advance to dry food Purina.

    We eased him in gently to this over a couple of weeks, with a mix of both types of food as advised, with the expected mess that a change of diet brings.

    The mess is now pretty much back every morning ( he sleeps in the laundry ). I should add its only during the night, when he is about in the house during the day there is no problem.

    What I have noticed about the consitency of his poo is that its very soft.

    Ive tried to correct him with a smack, as it worked with his general house training, but this doesnt seem to be making any difference now and I hate doing it anyway.

    Any advice guys ?


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    i don't think there is any point smacking your dog. I'd say if he was 99% house trained before you changed diets then its probably beyond his control. Maybe the purina doesn't suit his system, maybe try eukenuba instead? Or do what i did and install a doggy door - jack loves it, he can come and go as he pleases and if he's ever left home alone he can be inside or out at his discretion

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    Smacking your dog teaches him nothing after the fact. He has no idea what you are smacking him for unless you catch him in the act. And even then there are better methods of training then hitting your dog.

    I would say he is struggling to hold on, so as MMJ pointed out above you are also smacking him for something he can't help.

    I would look at changing his diet, things like Purina are a really cruddy brand of food. Try a raw diet like barf or complete meal. But make sure you change his diet gradually.
    Try getting up during the night and taking him out as well, at least this way there is no mess in the house, yeah you might have to get up in the middle of the night but this is part of dog ownership.

    Also look at a vet visit to check he is in good health.

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    advance dry dog food - will result in less dog poo than a supermarket brand like purina because there is less "sawdust" in it.

    So if you swap to a dog food high in "sawdust" your dog will need to crap more. So it would probably be helpful not to feed after 6:30pm and make sure the dog does a crap around 10:30pm outside and stays out until duty performed.

    Or you feed in the mornings when the dog will be able to stay outside.

    Or you switch back to a higher quality dog food.

    As for toilet training - it's up to you to make sure the dog gets out, and stays out until poo rendered. Any poo in house - I always blame on myself and since I switched to Nutro Natural choice (slightly better quality than Advance which disagrees with my dog), and stopped feeding bones - we've had no inside accidents (touch wood).

    This site has lots of good advice on training...
    Errorless Housetraining | Dog Star Daily

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