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Thread: Dog Rips Up the Kitchen Bin.

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    Default Dog Rips Up the Kitchen Bin.

    Hi everyone

    About a year ago we adopted a dog (Garth) from a local shelter. He's about 4 years old now, maltese-shihtzu-poodle-something cross (a big ball of white and fluffy). He appears to have been semi-trained before we got him - he's toilet-trained and picked up sit/stay very quickly, though we did initially have a few issues with him escaping.

    Lately we've been having issues with him getting into the kitchen bin. Its a relatively large freestanding bin in the kitchen, and when we're out he likes to tip it over, destroy the bag and eat any scraps which may be left in there. This is especially frustrating as his favourite place to eat his treats is on the living room rug, meaning that when we get home we're greeted with rubbish strewn from one end of the house to the other.

    One final thing that has been a real issue when training him is that he tends to pee when he knows he's been naughty... meaning not only do we have to clean up the bin mess, but we get a nice trail of urine through the house as well.

    What could be causing this behaviour? Short of catching him in the act, how do we punish him for this or otherwise discourage the behaviour?

    Any help very much appreciated!

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    Put something heavy on the bin lid or move it?
    Mine is in a kitchen cupboard.

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    Lock the bin away in a room that he can't get into while you are out of the house OR set up a confinement area for your dog this could be as easy as buying a baby gate and blocking your dogs access to the kitchen.

    With the urine I would be worried that might be a medical issue, I would take him to a vet and get him checked out. Dogs don't know they have done something bad, they are just doing what dogs do, to them it is normal behaviour. So if he is urinating in the house when you are not home then I would be worried about an underlying medical issue, if he is urinating when you are at home and scolding him for being bad then yes your scolding him could be causing him to urinate.

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    Regarding the bin, if it were me i would just remove it from the kitchen or hide it in a room or the pantry when i go out. It's all well and good to teach a dog to stay away from the bin when you're home but left alone to his own devises, the smell coming from the bin will over ride any training you have done. There's no point telling him off for the bin when you get home because he would of done it long ago and will no longer associate getting told off with destroying the bin. You're the smarter one here, just remove the bin and take away that temptation for him.

    With the peeing, it's probably a submissive type thing. He's not peeing because he knows he is being naughty, it is because you are either raising your voice and him or telling him off in some way and that makes him feel a little scared or intimidated and thus, he is uncontrollably urinating. When you come home best thing to do is to completely ignore him until he is calm. Have a look at submissive urination on google, there is heaps of info and tips on it.

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    I'm not into punishing dogs for something you gave them the opportunity to do -

    Ie the bin - is where the dog can get at it, and full of extremely attractive smells.

    My bin has one of those pivoting lids and the first time my dog tried to get stuff out of the bin, it bit her ie the pivot lid closed on her head so she couldn't get out of the bin. She never figured out that she could tip it over to get stuff. I also never put meat scraps in there, they go directly to the outside bin or another bin behind the sink where the dog cannot easily reach. And all other food scraps go in a bin for composting, which is also behind the sink and emptied every day.

    The pee thing - if you're yelling at the dog when he does it, it is an attempt to appease you - in doggy language. So - only yell at him outside or just quit yelling at him altogether.

    If he's doing it when you're out and it has nothing to do with bin, ie you've put the bin where he can't get into it, and he still pees in the house, then he can't hold for the tmie you're out. Or you didn't quite clean up last time and he's re-marking. Or he has some bladder health incontinence problem.

    If he was my dog - I'd crate train him and leave him in the crate when I was out until I could be sure he wouldn't be bin raiding or peeing where he shouldn't.

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    You have what is basically a yummy treat dispenser in your kitchen.

    Lock the bin away in a cupboard, mine is under my kitchen sink, I had to sacrifice for a smaller bin but no more messy clean-ups when I get home anymore.

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    I agree that just removing it is the best thing to do. My old dog was a bin raider, so I searched for ages for a bin that she would not be able to open. I can't actually remember if I ever found one! But then my kitchen got upgraded and I got a slide out bin under the sink.

    So either get a bin that's dog proof, even when tipped over or move it to where the dog cannot get to it when you go out. Bit of a hassle, but better than coming home to rubbish all over the house.

    There may be some training you could do to prevent him from bin browsing, but personally I think it would be way much more trouble than just removing the temptation would be.

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    As with everyone else, put the bin away.

    Pippi is a bin raider too and it drives me crazy (all our other dogs have always left the bin alone) now we have it in a cupboard. Unfortunately the little mutt has worked out how to open the cupboard now. I was lookign for her everywhere the other day, panicking that she had managed to get outside and off the property and she was actually in the cupboard with the rubbish bin LOL

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    I would also say leave something to keep your pooch busy when your out. Doggy puzzle game, kongs, treat dispensers etc.

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