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Thread: Pulling Clothes Off the Line

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    K&P, I wasn't suggesting my dog did it to spite me. But I do believe she did it out of frustration about being left alone. She didn't chew any of the stuff. Just dragged it outside and left it there. Really funny to come home and discover what was out there. She once dragged this massive heavy book on native plants out of the flat and onto the lawn because I'd been browsing through it just before I left.
    LOL Probably just wanted to lay in the sun with your smell near her.

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    All i can say is this morning it was Tia 1 Canvas shoes 0

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    We're having this problem with Nibbler. He likes to rip down his bedding, the towels and my partners work clothes from the line. He does not touch my washing.. at least he hasn't yet. We have decided to hang the washing under the house until he hopefully grows out of it.

    I have tried supervising him when the washing is out and telling him no / redirecting him away from the washing when he sniffs / looks interested in it, but this hasn't proved effective. As soon as I go inside he's around the back pulling the washing down.. *sigh*

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    Such is Life
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    Hi guys,

    Sorry it's my first time on this site, so trying to find my way around
    Not sure if this will help but have you seen the Aussie Dog Home Alone Toy? You can view it on my website if you wish we run a family owned and opererated pets supplies and the website is national based Aussie Dog Home Alone you will see my Amstaff (old photo though) playing and pulling it she loves it maybe redirect he or she pulling your clothes and reward her with this toy, a couple of my customers had similar problems and they say it was great for them Anyway, just an idea if you would like to know more about us or if we can be of any assistance please feel free to contact us at anytime 1300 590 123 or my email
    Enjoy your evening
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