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    I'm trying to get Luna to learn beg..

    any advice??

    Video of our current efforts here..
    Meet Luna, a 13 month old Beagle pup in Melbourne with her sister Cynder a 13 week old Border Collie!
    Check out their blog at

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    I havent watched your video but Pippi begs sometimes...and my old dog Chevy begged when you said "what do you say".

    We taught her by putting her in a sit...then holding the treat right above her nose and raising it slightly. She would naturally lift her front legs to follow the treat. As soon as she got up she would get the treat. Then after a couple of times of that we added a command. It was easy actually...but she was smart. I think the OH maybe spent a total of about 20 mins teaching her over 2 days.

    Good luck...its cute.

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    Your video looks like someone put a narrow slot box over it. I can't see what the room looks like to see what else you could do.

    So you're lumping for starters and luring - ie expecting a bit too much too fast. Maybe teach her to target your hand first ie hold your hand out with your palm facing her and your thumb up eg vertically - and reward her with a treat in that hand (keeping it still while you deliver the treat) if she touches it with her nose. Do that a few times and you should be able to get her to follow that hand around you or in circles or up in the air...

    For begging, use a corner of the room or yourself to support the dog as she starts to sit up. Reward little lifts of the front paws instead of waiting till she jumps. So she gets the little paws up going, and then gradually ask for higher paws.

    And if she's less than 6 months old - wait a bit. And consider it a strength building exercise. Ie keep your sessions very short - maybe 10 attempts and a break (play tug or chasey) and then another 10 attempts and then leave it until the next day.

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