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Thread: At My Wits End with My American Staffy

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    I lost my front attach harness - nfi where it is at the moment - anyway that means flat collar only - so we do a lot of stop starts, ie she pulls - I stop and wait until she comes back to me, and then we can go.

    She knows this but doesn't always take me seriously. She's starting to get the message and walks are a lot more enjoyable with the flat collar.

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    My little Marley is taking a long time to walk on a loose leash. Yesterday I walked her in and out of the gate. To confuse her with what is forward and away and foreign and familiar. Stop when she pulled. Treats when she came to me and looked at me.
    Would have loved to see my neighbours watch me....
    But we had a good stretch of walking afterwards....
    Bin working with her for a while

    Pls hang in there!
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