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Thread: Stand Rite No Bite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Talk about the headbutt tongue kiss.
    That's my dog. Sigh. I haven't yet cracked it. The sit doesn't work because she gets so excited she goes temporarily deaf. It helps if the person she tries to kiss violently has treats and asks her for a sit. Then she listens. But I cannot ask everyone we meet or that walks through the door to carry dog treats.

    I do sometimes use a stern "Ah!" and it does have some effect. But I have to find a better way of getting her attention in those situations. Because if I cannot get her to snap out of her frenzied behaviour and focus on me, I can also not distract her and get her to focus on something else. If I start the distraction early enough it does work. I have absolutely no problem with the 'look at that' method when we are visiting somewhere with little kids. But I don't really want to do the same with every person we meet and she manages to take me by surprise often.

    She does not care people ignoring her at all when she does it. The jumping itself is the reward. But she is so enthusiastic that she always does get a reaction anyway.

    She knows she is not allowed to jump up on us. Still tries sometimes when we come home, but we just walk out again and close the door and then the second try is always successful. We can use the same method with guests that come to our house, but obviously it does not work when we are out walking.

    So I am still experimenting with what works and what doesn't. With my old dog it used to be chasing that was the issue because once she had taken that first stride towards her 'prey' she did not hear me anymore. With Banjo the preparation to jump is enough to block any external impulses getting through.

    Wow, sorry, I was really just thinking out loud there. I'll probably come back to read this thread in a little while and have a lightbulb moment.

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    My BC pup also jumps but it's more in relation to his age. He's comming into the more difficult 4 month old stage, everything is exciting LOL.

    I walked my staffy without a halti in the dog club house this week. She was noticably more jumpy and excitable. Most trainers know to walk past, they're familiar with my girl so that worked out well.
    I think she realises with the halti on she gets away with a lot less so she was testing her limits.

    I've been told a staffy can take a good 4 years plus to properly mature . Having a slow learner is so darn fustrating, but she has an awesome memory. I didn't train her for a good 3 months after my grandmother died and we went back to training like we'd never missed a day!

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one tackling this challenging situation. I haven't found anything that can distract her enough to stop her from jumping. It'd be nice if I could! Especially at the vets when it seems I'm doing all the examining because she's gone red in the face from excitement! She never even flinches when they vaccinate her LOL . Silly goose.
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    I guess I do "its yer choice" with my face and body. Ie I anticipate the kiss if I'm paying proper attention and prevent the dog from rewarding itself by getting out the way.

    And eventually the dog learns that it gets attention (and treats) when it's got all four paws on the ground and ignored otherwise.

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