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Thread: Training with a Food Obsessed Dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaz Tarja View Post
    but has anyone ever had actual experience/gotten far in training that way? and will I have to move the boy away from girls while starting it (i.e. the tieing out) they won't touch his food but would they just be a distraction?
    I have. Bernie is a TOT dog. Started training using TOT at 16 weeks.
    Now 2.5yrs, and had i not used this style of training, my working stock GSD would of been a nightmare i think. My dog wont eat or drink whilst training, which he thinks is working.

    I used k9 distance learning package. Then got Shutzhund training in drive by Sheila Booth and Dildei Godfried and read and went on from there.

    If you want a dog, that looks to you for permission to do what its natural instinct is screeming for it to do, this is the method. If you want dogs that appear lit up in the ring, who's return on a recall is just as fast as the send away, Traiing in drive is for you.

    What is does ruin, is your ability to enjoy most other training methods. As they do not weild the same results.

    TOT exercise on this website on steve's K9 thread is what to start off with. Try it, once. If you dont like the results, dont go there again.
    Once tried however, you'll be impressed.

    MY dog is excellent at problem solving for himself. He uses HIS brain to achieve his goals.

    With training in drive, i get to see my dog be ALL THAT IT CAN BE. That is awesome. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
    Its hard work, quite advanced, and the most rewarding training ive ever been blessed to experience with a dog.

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    Ok Bernie, you've really inspired me now. I think I was already convinced that this is a good way to train because other methods were pretty useless on my old dog who had a very strong prey drive.

    I now have a lower drive dog, but I can still see the logic of going down that path with her. There's a workshop coming up in Canberra. I might wait and go to that first. Or I might just buy their distance training package and start tomorrow.

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