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    Hi would any one be able to direct me in the right detection to where to get started in sheep hearding cheers Simon

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    Would help to know which state you're in.

    So you can do a google search on pages in australia for "herding trials" or lessons.

    That's if you want to do competition herding?

    Eg go to dogsnsw and look up their sports.
    Australian National Kennel Council

    Dogs NSW

    then Activities and Events

    pick herding from the list...
    About Herding | Dogs NSW

    PS at Barmera SA this week they're having sheep dog trials all day every day until Saturday pm - I think. And they've been on the news for a publicity stunt called "the running of the sheep". No humans involved or injured.

    14th - 16th October 2011 Barmera State Sheep Dog Trials
    Border collie working dogs from interstate and all of South Australia will compete to move three sheep through an obstacle course within 15 minutes. Points are deducted for sheep that move off the set course or do not complete the obstacles. The event coincides with the Riverland Food and Wine Festival and the opening of the Renmark Rose Festival.

    Other entertainment included sky divers (Saturday) and animal zoo (Sunday), a dinner dance on the Saturday night, student team 'trial', walk with judge invitation to spectators and ute parade of finalists.

    Entry is free for spectators and full catering is available. Cars can park right alongside the arena fence.
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    Dogs NSw does herding at Erskine Park...And there is a guy there who is really chatty about it when you go there. he has something to do with the grounds.

    The other thing is to go to some Field days, where they do herding work. Many of the Farmers are happy to chat with you in that environment.

    Until last year we always had at least one working Kelpie.....I love working with Kelpies, but our last one sadly passed away at sixteen. And since we do not have sheep anymore, we never got a new working dog. Our dogs worked on whistles. He also used to round up the newfies for us LOL......
    Pets are forever

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    Such is Life
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    Vist rich river working dogs just last week he did a demo at billabong ranch

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    bonny is a six month old kelpie we live in sydney with no experiance she will heard anything!

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    can someone please let me know if they have any experience with getting an australian shepherd from borderton breeders in western australia, and if so what they are like?

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