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    Unhappy Help Nuuget Keep Biting

    help nugget keeps biting my leg and she bites at the horse hocks and tails to how do i stop her for doing this i havd to keep her on a chain evey time im with the horse but it making her worse now she biting my legs when im walking her i need help how do i stop her from doing this i will post some photos tomrro

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    Only one thing I can think of is to put her on the lead and walk past the horse and as you get close have a food reward.
    Let her see it and use this to take her focus away from the horse.
    Once she is focused on the treat give it to her.
    Then do it all over again. It will require you to do this more than a few times for her to understand that this is what she should be doing.
    I hope it works and I hope you get other idea's on how to fix this.

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    Yep, Rid's method works quite well with my dog too.

    With the biting your legs, you could try to just stop walking and only continue when she's calm again. Takes a bit of time, but worth it.

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    I hate feeding the cows to day i got pined been the pool fence and the cows horns in the back of my nee food on the ouder side of my nee and the cows dint care push inbeen my legs to get the food and the bloody horns diging in to my nee my mum had to come and pull then away and its still pain ful to walk on there going to be a big bruse ther and a pucher but it to small to get strich up it triny one not bad

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