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Thread: Lead Agression

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    I know how you feel, Ruby has embarrassed the shit out of me so many times with her carrying on. As I said, still working on it but its soooo much better Hope it all works for you!

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    Ok if you are really serious and want to learn and have no trainer nearby buy this $9.95 E-book.......It is great....The BAT System

    Welcome to

    I help some people who have lead aggression using this system and also using my newfie Katy, who seems to give really good calming signs to dogs......Another thing to read about.......

    Katy can be approached and no matter what dogs do at the end of the lead she will remain friendly and often calm the opposite dog. It helps when you teach and gives us time.

    Read the book and see if you can find some friends with takes some time, but really works well.

    It is what i mostly used with Annabelle, but I did have to use some positive punishment with her, due to the fact she was not fear or lead aggressive but full on aggressive.

    But it has worked with many dogs who arre just lead aggressive or fearfull
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    Thanks very much newfsie!
    Today is a new day

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