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    i can vouch for an electric fence. my dad has pigeons and has the electric fence around their loft... we didnt ever use it until we got diesel... he would roll through it chew it break it whatever because we never put it on... we fixed all the wire put it on diesel went to touch it and bam he got the shock of his life... he wouldnt pee or poo down on the grass for 2 days because hedidnt want to go near it... hes not scared of it now but he certainly knows not to touch it anymore.
    It is different using an electric fence to keep a dog OUT and to keep a dog IN. Especially as in your case the dog couldn't go inside the boundary of the fence because the pigeon coop was there, so it was placed to stop him from touching the coop.

    Dogs who have no training with electric fences when hit with the shock can keep running past the boundary line and outside of the boundary, and as Newf said, they may not come back then.

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    How would it be different though... diesel can get into the area... it is not a line straight in front of the coop their is a yard in front of the coop that is just lawn exactly like what is on the other side... if diesel wanted to get into that area he could easily run though the wire and into the space... but he doesnt like the fence... hed rather stay on the other side then get into that side... every dog is different... your dog may keep going through or may stay back... diesel stayed back... adeqate fencing with the fence around would be a big help... but the chickens may be worth putting up with the pain...
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    And sometimes it is will find with electric fences some dogs will learn by one touch and stay away....Some will not, hence better be safe and train them to get used to it.
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