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Thread: This Guy is a Dead Set Toss Bag!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smeagle View Post
    Ok I get you now BDL. Forcing a dog to the ground into a drop with a collar and leash is abuse, but forcing a dog onto the ground on it's side with your bare hands is ok.
    Are you honestly kidding me with this?? Why dont instead of trying to make me look like an idiot you go back and ready what I have said.

    I actually started trying to find the post but then changed my mind as if you havent made a spot of effort to actually read the whole thread then I am not.

    When I first watched the video it didnt bother me, as I have seen this methods used before. It wasnt until he first jerked the chain it took me back a bit, then when he he got harder and harder and started yanking with TWO hands because one hand wasnt enough force that i had a problem.

    Honestly Grow up smeagle..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keira & Phoenix View Post
    Accidents happen. ONE law suit of this kind plus we don't know the true details. The dog could have had underlying health issues that the trainers didn't know about. Walking a dog on a treadmill is actually good exercise.
    He has money and is in the USA. People sue as a way of income over there

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    Honestly if you think he techniques are helpful to dogs then you need to do some research.

    He floods dogs and puts them over threshold, that is not a good training technique, nor is it safe.

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    He must be doing something right to get so famous. Obviously he has had many good results and got a reputation which helped him with his career. I doubt he woke up one day and decided to make a show on training badly behaved dogs, without any knowledge on how to train badly behaved dogs.

    I'm also not talking about them being submissive for him, I am talking about them have total permanent shifts in their behaviour which their owners have been impressed with.
    If he was that bad his show would be axed and he would be in court most of the time rather than training dogs.

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    Why is Paris Hilton so popular when she's done jack-all? You don't have to be good to be popular... just sayin'.

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    She has done some jacking.......I've seen the video.

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    At the end of the day, I look at people like CM and question whether I would want to train my dogs with those methods, and whether I'd be happy to hand the leash over. And just like the trainer in the video at the start of this thread the answer is no.

    If others would be happy to have CM or whoever train their dogs that's their choice. I look for different things when selecting a dog trainer/behaviorist.

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    CM is a brilliant business man. That is why he has so much money. That is why he has his own tv show & that is why he is so seemingly popular.

    Perhaps this thread should be closed as it's now 17 pages of arguing and it's not getting any better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog_Lover View Post
    I agree Beloz I would like to see him give a little more praise.
    I think it's partly because he doesn't that he has such a great success rate. Maybe it's similar to NILF, but more extreme, I reckon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelanBatty View Post

    Perhaps this thread should be closed as it's now 17 pages of arguing and it's not getting any better.
    It's a discussion.

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