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Thread: Tug of War As Reward

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    The OUT word is what we are training now. It is working quite well so far but it will need more work. And he is young so I expect a few times when he will totally forget.

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    For me, the word I use to get the dog out the kitchen is most often "mat" ie go lie on the mat over there. I did use "out" for go outside but haven't for a long time. I think it's kind of lost that meaning.

    Most frequent use for "out" at the moment is "go out/over" ie jump that jump over there, away from me. If only she'd look where she's going or at least where I'm pointing.

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    I don't use out. Sounds too much like 'ow' which is the word to get Batty off my toes/chest or for him to be gentler when we play.

    Mind you he doesn't bug me in the kitchen... He sits waiting just at the entry way, that's where the housemates kids are most likely to drop food from their plates!

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    My old dog knew "out of the kitchen" which - looking at it from the dog's perspective - pretty much meant get off the lino and onto the carpeted area and it worked at other people's places too.

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    Never thought of the out sounding this way.
    I do now and we will change ours to back from now on.

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