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Thread: She Has Forgotten Everything

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    Good to hear Marley.

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    Thank you for the update Marley.

    Frosty and I got a thorough sniffing over by a cat that lives a couple of blocks over. I was doing "look at that" with her and cat decides to come and say hello. Naturally Frosty was EXTREMELY distracted but didn't get as far as barking. I grabbed her collar for a bit more control and the two animals sniffed each other, no barking, no snappnig and no scratching.

    There was a brief arched back moment - when Frosty lunged the 1m left of lead - and drew my attention (which was on her) to the fact that the cat was moving, but other than that it was all good. I held Frosty, patted the cat and it was all good.

    Frosty was initially about as thrilled as when my cousins' pet sheep decided to sniff us. Sheesh - some critters just don't know what they're supposed to do.

    And we met another brown cat this morning - looked like a burmese or similar. And Frosty was very well behaved even when it followed us down the road. All these lonely cats we meet out walking.

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