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    how do you go about teaching a dog to gently take food from your hands? i have a 12month old kelpie x coolie and when im trying to train him he snatches the treats out of my fingers. i want him to take it gently but it doesnt seem to be working.

    when i give him a treat for doing what i ask i say gentle and move the treat to give him if he goes to snatch it i say no and he doesnt get it but ive got no idea

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    I actually find this extremely easy to teach, if a little painful at first.

    Get treat and put it in your hand - closed fist. Offer it to the dog. Most dogs will nibble, lick, paw etc - when the dog sits back/calms down - open the fist - jackpot - dog gets treat. DO it a few times and you will find a behaviour forms.

    Right now - dog is snapping = getting the treat.

    Later - dog sits back = treat

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    My kelpie was also a painful snantcher.
    I would hold the treat between my thumb and point finger. I would offer the treat, if she bit my finger, I would say 'ahhh, gentle' and offer again. Everytime she grabbed my finger I would repeat until she took it nicely.
    It worked quite quickly, especially with a kelpie x coolie!

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    Far out! I have a Greyhound foster here that nearly takes my arm off if I try and give him anything! I've never seen a dog eat like this, chewing just isn't even part of this guy's vocabulary. Poor guy was pretty thin when he arrived so it's hard to be critical. I keep thinking he's going to get a bloody nose from bashing it into his bowl as he gulps down his meal!

    And the jaw power , I don't think I'll be trying your trick Occy, you must be thicker skinned than me!

    I am trying with the wooden spoon I use for dishing up dinner - he grabs it but I can turn it as he does so it doesn't feel comfy in his mouth. Then he starts to lick it instead. Hopefully he'll stop trying to eat my hands soon!

    He is very good at catching food in the air though!!

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