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Thread: A Few Tricks....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rid**** View Post
    Have you though about hiding food under a tin can and let her find it, so this would mean you have to have 3 tin cans to do it.
    Maybe start with something clear so she can see it and slowly make it so she can see it.
    I am currently doing this with Murphy but I have slackened off a little lately.
    But it can be a good trick and with a Beagle you would be on a winner there with this one.

    I've started teaching her this

    She's getting good at it.. done it with glasses and mugs now!

    There is a Video on our blog
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    Meet Luna, a 13 month old Beagle pup in Melbourne with her sister Cynder a 13 week old Border Collie!
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