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    Banjo did a perfect off-leash heel this morning! It was only for about 20 metres and I still rewarded every few steps, but this is the first time she's done it without me having to actively lure her or repeat the cue. I am very proud of her! After I released her she actually kept walking next to me wanting to continue the heel and the treats. But a release is a release, so I ignored her.

    I love that moment when she suddenly "gets it". It's like with the coming to me when a jogger passes. Yesterday there was a jogger behind me and the dog saw them but I didn't. So I was confused as to why she came to sit in front of me, obviously expecting a treat. Until I saw the jogger run past us. Clever dog!
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    Our dogs sound so simliar and we both get the same proud momnets as i said in my beach thread diesel is a totally different dog after 6 months of growing up! i always stress if i see something going fast or someone running etc now all i have to say is leave it and he continues on and forgets about it
    Good job Banjo!!

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    Well done
    Pets are forever

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