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Thread: How Long Do You Spend?

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    Default How Long Do You Spend?

    How long do you spend to dedicated training? I am asking in regards to daily training and years wise.

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    I spend none, not dedicated. We do it as needed as we go along in our lives.

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    Not as much as I want to... I would like to do two 15 minute sessions a day with my 10mo dog, but after walking her for 30 mins in the morning and the afternoon, work, shopping, dinner and a 6yo human I also want to spend time with it rarely happens.

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    I train all through the day for a moment here and there. I do however try to fit a figure of eight heeling in around our two trees every second day. This is because I Trial. I also do some sit/drop stays at odd times and the change of positions and jumping.
    The most serious training I do at the Kennel Club and practice trials on Sundays. Both hubby and I train. But we like to take the dogs for off led walk near the Murray weekly and we do swimming at Lake Hume. This also involves some training, because we are training for water rescue. But I think the dogs think this is all just fun and games. Because they have fun and get attention. And we play games in between, during and after.
    We also do at least a fortnightly town walk, to keep them used to walking amongst lots of people. I do a lot of training, just all the time. But we also have a lot of chill outs. Our dogs are house dogs, so they are around us a lot. It is amazing how much unconscious training you do all the time
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    I am doing a dedicated training for about a couple of minutes a couple of times a day.
    Just keeping them short to start with and while he is young.
    I am getting go progress with him this way, and he is now doing his drops on comand and without a treat.
    So it is working out okay. The thing I am working on at the same time is the stay, come to a sit in front of me then go behind and around me then sit on my left side.
    The go around behind me is the harder one so far.

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    All of our dogs are obedient, so ongoing training isn't necessary as far as manners go, but I 'trick-train' them every day. Usually one or two 5min sessions for each dog; Carl gets at least two 15min sessions a day but he is far more advanced in his clicker training than the others. He's mastered tricks such as retrieving objects by name, opening doors, turning lights off, tugging socks off, etc. The rest of the dogs just get the basics such as sit-stay, but I'm teaching Jag to do some intermediate things so he shouldn't be too far behind Carlie.

    5 mins twice a day is plenty on top of physical exercise unless you have a working breed that needs to be mentally stimulated to a serious degree.

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    I've been really busy lately and haven't had much time. But usually I fit in at least 10 minute or so session daily for each dog, usually mostly trick training, with a few obedience cues. Then Sparky, the playful one, gets training while playing (he has to sit to tug, lie down to get me to throw the ball again etc.). They also get trained whenever I find life rewards for them. Going through doors? training opportunity. Want to go for a walk? training opportunity. Want to be fed? Training opportunity. Want to sniff that tree? Want some affection? Want to get up on furniture? All training opportunities.

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