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Thread: New Dog Barks at Night when No One Home

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    Should I use an anti-barking collar to treat my dog's barking problem? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    I suppose only a behavioiurist could tell for sure, but I think there is a chance that your dog barks because she is scared outside at night. I personally struggle with the idea of punishing the dog in that situation.

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    Post Bark collars

    I had a similar problem with my dog when she was left at home by herself. Started looking into a bark collar solution and found that there were heaps available - reputable and dodgey, small and big dog setups - there was too much there to know what was the right one for my dog.
    I did find a site, where there was plenty of information and articles to help when choosing the right collar, and they were more than happy to help over the phone. I would happily recommend Bark Control Australia because of their commitment to service was the best.
    When I started looking, this was a helpful place that I found to start from:

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    Why not... While you are on holidays... Desensitise her to you leaving? You follow your usual routine, and leave, but return very quickly (1 minute to start with, and before the barking starts) and praise/ reward her for doing the right thing. Gradually lengthen how long you are away... And always return with rewards for doing the right thing.

    Perhaps you might also invest in a crate which she could be in inside whilst you are out esp. nights and early mornings? You need to train her to like the crate (lots of info on here re: crate training) but it gives her a safe space to be in inside....

    I wouldn't like to use the electronic anti-bark collar on a separation anxious dog... Unless you gave the above suggestions a real good try to utterly no avail... Just my opinion.

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    She doesn't like being crated when I'm at work, did that the first couple of weeks.

    Was just informed by a neighbour the barking is occuring day or night when no one home (this guy tells people not to park in his space on the road outside his house) and complained about having to phone me on my mobile as they are on a pension. Yet as soon as they have contacted me, I've come straight home and taken the dog back to work with me (round trip was only 15-20 minutes and occurred twice this week).

    Have chatted with the ranger over it all and she was good and she could see I'm trying, that some neighbours are not being patient (as I've only had her 6 weeks) and how it is upsetting me.

    Thanks everyone

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    Interesting, the neighbour next to the one who complained this morning tells me that my dog did some barking last night but another dog on his side of the street and over the back, did quite a lot of the barking last night.

    I put her on the enclosed verandah at the front of the house, with the radio on, a kong full of mince, an empty ice cream container she has started chewing, her towel plus biscuits and water. I also spoke with a neighbour across the road and told him what I'd done, so we can see how she goes (hope she doesn't scratch the doors). I've also asked a friend after he finishes work, if he could go over and check her.

    Thanks everyone

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    Enclosed verandah sounds good. Hope it works then you can relax a little.
    Great that you left her things to do.
    Mine love chewing on ice cream containers too but their absolute favourite is a 2ltr milk container. They get the hard screwed down top off in a heartbeat and then they chew and lick to get at the dregs of milk on the sides etc.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Invest in a "Thundershirt".

    I tried everything with my barking Border Collie including all different static control collars (unfortunately) and the best results have come from the "Thundershirt" which help anxious dogs.

    The shirt costs about $45 and provides the dog with instant security. My dog is fantastic with it on and it also helps her settle when in the car and stops her trying to chase cars while we are walking.
    I tried punishing her and rewarding her when she was good but in the end if the problem is related to anxiety those methods won't work.

    Check out although I bought mine from my local vet "Animal Options" on the Gold Coast.

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    This morning the housemate was playing with her and getting her to play bark. I told him no longer to do this as I am trying to stop her barking when alone. While out at the beach and on a walk today she had moments of excitedness plus play barking. Now as part of the positive reinforcement, when she does this I am making her sit, wait and then reward her for sitting and being quiet. I hope this helps.

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    I don't have this problem as I don't work.
    But Murphy is one hell of a good watch dog already and he lets the whole neighbourhood know what he is thinking.
    I have to tell him to be quiet and yep in a raised voice. He then settles down.
    But the dog next door will be doing a lot of this soon as th neighbour has headed to Melbourne to see his dying brother for the last time. So the dog is home alone ans I am looking after him. So I will talk with him on his time alone, it worked okay last time.

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    I found that leaving a light on can help too, sometimes they are barking at the rustling/noises that they cant see. good luck

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