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    Hello, I need some "creative" help with this one.... my boxer keeps jumping on our front gate when other people and people with dogs come past. Of course she also barks but she stops fairly quickly. She doesn't even try to jump over the fence, just hard on it. I would like to deter her from jumping on the gate by putting something on the gate (without causing injury of course). Do any of you have any idea what I could use that might deter her? I think she's allowed to bark a little but I really want to stop the jumping on the gate thing. She's and inside/outside dog and I have a little 7 month old boy, so I can't always be right there when she's doing it to catch her in the act. I thought about a spray bottle but I'm not sure it's enough to stop that habit and also I probably can't be 100% consistent with it.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Klaud

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    Do you do any other training with your dog?

    I use clicker training with my dog and this would be a situation I would use that for too. But it probably works better if you are already using reward-based training.

    You could then just have training sessions at the gate. Every time she keeps her 4 paws on the ground when someone passes, you reward her.

    I don't think punishment would work at all, especially as you would not be able to catch her every single time.

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