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    I just had to share my excitement about my dog Banjoy doing a (lie) 'down' without lure for the first time today!

    I haven't been very consistent with the training, as life gets a bit busy sometimes. She was doing it ok with a lure, though was still trying to snatch the food out of my hand.

    But I thought I'd try without lure to see how she went. When I first said 'down' she sat and stared intensely at the clicker. Then she got distracted by a fly in the kitchen. Then by the cat chasing the fly. Until she finally plopped down! I gave her 3 treats for that!

    When she did it a second time I was so ecstatic I made her all overexcited.

    The third time she tried to trick me by lifting a leg as if she was going to lie down and then sitting down again to stare at the clicker. But when that didn't have the desired effect, she laid down anyway.

    The hardest task for her is done now: to understand what the hell I was on about.

    The hardest work for me is still to come: to work on speed and sustaining.

    Sorry, it's such a little thing, but it gave me so much joy.

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    well done both of you. I must admit my minis does drop conditionally (with food or toy) 60% of time.

    I am going back to obedience training this sunday and hope the training motivates me to be consistent with my dog. I need a bit of push
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    Well done!
    Snoop learned this from our trainer on Thursday.
    He uses the calm control method which is working for us.

    Dog Training, Obedience and Problem Solving Gold Coast QLD

    Now he will do it on a verbal command (always soft voice)
    I use a hand signal as backup
    and then happy happy voice for praise

    Snoop did this today while I was eating breakfast.
    He understands now that if he sits/lays quietly on his mat then after
    we finish eating he will get a small portion of the "human food".

    sitting nicely
    being very good
    some for you - the 3 magic phrases for snoop

    He is good most of the time but still reverts to defiant teenager mode
    and backchats with a half snarl. He is not quite 5 months and going to be a freakin huge dog. We have to keep plugging away.
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    I posted some here:

    Your dog looks like a real cutie! And big for 5 months indeed!

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    Don't count it as a little thing. the "Down" or "drop" is the hardest exercise to teach in the beginner classes I take. Most people have problems with it if they have no taught it before.
    So pat yourself on the back, Well done
    Pets are forever

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    Good job!

    Barney always does "down" by throwing himself onto his stomach and then staring expectantly at you for a treat, despite the fact he hasnt received a treat for that command in at least 4 years LOL

    Pippi on the other hand doesn't really do "down" at all except if someone else is here then she does it immediately. Now that we do tick checks before bed though, I tell her down and she lies down onto her side without hesitation so maybe that will help. I dont care whether she drops to her front or her side as long as she drops LOL

    I agree with Newfsie, you should be proud, down is hard to teach

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