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    Default Clicker Training Videos

    I really love this guy's training videos: tab289's Channel - YouTube

    Very clear instruction and well demonstrated. And how gorgeous is that dog?!

    Mind you, when I saw it was a German Shepard, my first thought was: "He's probably about twice as clever as my mutt!" and I assumed it would take Banjo twice as long to 'get it'. But I followed his 'How to teach fetch' instructions exactly and got results just as quickly as he did with his dog.

    I've shown a couple of the vids to my daughter also because it so clearly demonstrates how clicker training (or any reward based training) works, especially the whole 'setting the dog up for success' part.

    Highly recommended for those who are just starting out with clicker training, like me.

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    Also look at Kikopup, I like her training methods too
    Pets are forever

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