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    I am afraid that my dog will get run over, he is absolutely hopeless around wheels. We have had a few kelpies that were ok around wheels, they would at least realise that there was danger. But Benji is just oblivious to them. It is dangerous on the farm.
    Anyone know away to warn him off and make him wary, or at least away to train him to stop.
    I expect people to say just tie him up but he would be there all day if i did.
    Any help appreciated.
    Cheers Andy

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    You need to train him to leave the cars alone. Or if he's not chasing them, what to do instead. Like come back to you or sit still. Trying to explain to a dog which bit is the road and to get off it might be a bit hard.

    I had to do this with my dog but every now and again she forgets - especially if she thinks it's a friend's car. Like those couldn't kill her too.

    So when ever there were moving cars around I'd keep her on lead, and encourage her to focus on me - and feed her treats when she did. I could tell when she was beginning to learn because first she'd see a car and then come back to me for treats, and then she would be willing to ignore a car instead of lunging at the end of the lead to try to get it.

    Same treatment for cats, joggers, bicycles and for different places. Still have some work to do to stop her from wanting to chase ducks, alpaccas, horses, and crows.

    Also work on your recall. And call him away from any moving thing - ideally before he notices it.

    I prefer to have a dog cage - large or small than tie a dog up.

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