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Thread: Teach Dog to Stay Away from Snakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rid**** View Post
    Sorry mate but we don't have Rattle snakes here.
    Ours are by far more dangerous that them.
    We have Browns, Red Bellie Blacks, Inland Tipain and this is only a few in Australia has out of the 10 most deadly, we have got 8 of them.
    But your message has still got its worth to it, just the Rattler side is wrong.
    To Australians a snake that actually gives you a warning sound before it strikes seems like a bit of a luxury, doesn't it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlvinCampbell View Post
    We should offer effective training that teaches dogs to stay away from the most dangerous rattlesnakes. The best defense is still educating your dog about the sight, sound and smell of rattlesnakes so these deadly creatures can be avoided. Puppies can be trained between 4-5 months of age. The training time depends on the maturity level of the dog.
    You have Australia written as where you live and you talk of rattle snakes????

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Any one been chased by a fierce snake? (inland taipan) change ya undies mate. They travel fast apparently.
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    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    I have heard of that but I have never seen it on the idiot box.
    Though I totally believe it.
    And I think the same as you do Di dee1.
    I think if you boldly say AUSTRALIA like this one has, it could be a point of just watch.
    May not be all as it seems.
    I really hope not as this forum doesn't need another eposode of the pittbull thing going's on, if you know what I mean.
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    You have to educate americans about hoop snakes makes rattel seem like a baby toy .
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    Inland taipans are generally pretty quiet snakes, but still stand up for themselves if threatened. They certainly won't chase. You're far more likely to be chased by an eastern brown snake, and even then the odds are so against you that it's almost literally unheard of.

    tbh, the stories of snakes chasing people are like the stories of the pet pythons that escape and line up next to their owners to see if they're big enough to eat them while they're sleeping. =)

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    In 2000 I took several months off work, packed up the Landrover and travelled.

    I did the Canning Stock Route which is 2000km of mainly sand. On a couple of occasions looking in the rear view mirror I would see snakes using the tire tracks in the sand. It looked like they were chasing the car but I think they were actually using the tracks to travel faster???

    Boy did I check the swag every night before getting in.

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    Mulga snakes (related to king browns) are very laid back around humans. I did a science tour with museum club and the snake guy caught one of these, and had show and tell with the locals and they were horrified.

    Brown snakes like you get around Adelaide and Canberra - are much more keen to clear off, at high speed - they are fast. Mulga snakes don't care - and I think that's how it got captured.

    Most snakes I've come across clear off. You can add to your personal safety by wearing knee high gum boots or leather chappettes, but I don't know how you help the dog. Mine thought it was a cool new wriggly stick toy. Fortunately for me - she was on lead at the time.

    When I went camping in the desert - I kept the tent zipped up for stays of more than one night, or didn't roll the swag out until after snake bed time.

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    I came home from work one day to find my 2 year old staffy running round with this dead in his mouth, very very lucky boy he was that day.

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    A good reminder that they will be coming out of theor hibination and are hungry.
    So we all must keep a look out for them now.
    Thank you for this reminder DR Josh

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