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Thread: My Pup and the Chooks... :(

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    I would be making sure that they can never be together, to the extent of making the chicken coop a fort knox then if they are out the dog is inside, confined in some way or otherwise separated effectively from them.

    I made the choice 30 years ago, chickens or dogs. I didn't want the hassle of having both.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    chicken coop ought to have dig proof around the bottom and a lid over the top or it won't just be chickens escaping but dogs and foxes and hawks or crows getting in.

    I've never seen a serious chicken coop without a lid. And I've seen chickens with no wing feathers at all - jump 2m fences. And dogs do same.

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    pen is already dig proof. Cant put a lid on as they are in with the fruit trees.

    We have 4 chooks, but it was only ever the 1 that would get out... nothing like a problem chicken.

    She now can get nowhere near the pen itself as it is now fully enclosed in another yard.

    She is very obiedient, listens first time evrytime. But she is a pup, so forgets it as soon as she is alone. in time and with training hopefully she wont be interested in them anymore. She is fine with the cat, the horses, the native birds everything else..... and even when I am around shows little interest in the chooks at all, making it hard to actually do any training.

    thanks for the tips.

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    I have a GSD trained in drive. Ive spent 2 yrs building his prey drive. When switched on, he lights up.

    I channel this drive into his training. Your dog has prey drive. Use it or it will satisfy it itself, with chooks.

    Of course you can train this dog not to worry chooks. The methods described will work well. You have all the equipment, motivation you need in your back yard. Good luck.

    Personally, i agree most dog training schools are about pets, not working breeds doing what they do naturally in various drives.

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    I saw a behavioural trainer at the RSPCA once to try and solve the problem with my dog chasing kangaroos (and occasionally ambushing one and bringing it down!). She approached it from a very interesting angle, though this was all more about recall as this problem only occured on walks when I was there. She suggested using a tug of war game as a reward instead of treats as that would imitate catching an animal and would satisfy her prey drive more. Never worked on my dog though as I could not get her interested in any toys or games. But the idea was very interesting, I thought. It was a bit similar to some of the advice on here: Learn the Basics of Natural Dog Training - Natural Dog Blog – Training and More I do not necessarily agree with everything he writes, but some very interesting thoughts on how to use a dog's hunting instinct to your advantage.

    I think you should also work with your dog with a chicken out of the pen, as that seems to be when the problem occurs. She may be fine when they are in the pen, but you want her to leave them alone if one manages to escape the pen especially.

    My fierce hunter was fine with my landlady's chickens running free in the backyard, so it definitely is possible.

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