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    Hi all.
    Ive read a few posts but not really sure what to do here...
    I have two dogs, Rex - a Golden Retriever (10 months purebred) and TJ - a German Shepherd (9 months purebred pedigree).

    About 3 months ago Rex was barking continuously seemingly at nothing (It was like a single, short bark but he was just doing it continuously). It was driving us nuts and the neighbour mentioned it to us. I spoke to the pet shop and bought a Innotech bark collar which sprays citronella when he barks. Cost me a bit too!

    It worked, he is very active but rarely barks like he did.

    Now, 3 months down the track TJ has started to bark. It is a much more aggressive bark and he runs to the back fence when he does. I have sat out there and nothing seems to set him off. No noises, no barking dog etc.
    There is another dog in the house behind us which has a real annoying chirpy bark but every time TJ goes off its not barking and i cant even hear it out there.
    I tried the collar on him for about a week now and it just doesn't seem to be working like it did for Rex. Its driving me crazy and i spoke to the neighbours about it again who said its bearable. I dont like the fact that someone has to put up with our dogs barking, but i think they appreciate im trying to do something and acknowledge it before they have to come to me.

    The collar seems to have worked a little bit though as his barking is less frequent but it is still too frequent for my liking. Is there any tips that can assist me in addition to the collar?

    Also of note, when TJ does go off and bark Rex is just laying at the back step, i cant believe how calm he is when TJ goes off.

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    I am going to answer as I think this is what you want but I will say I am not sure if this is right or not but is how I myself see it.
    I think it is one of 2 things.
    One is the separation thing, he just doen't know when you will be home again to play with him or even see him so it is a sort of fretting over you.
    Two is that he is letting everyone know in the neigbour hood thatif you enter here while no one is home. Just know that I am here. That one I'm not to sure about but I am thinking it has got a chance in it.
    You might have to take him for a long walk before you leave.
    Or leave him out and go away but in a couple of minutes come back to show him, see I'm back nowwhat is the problem and slowly stretch it out longer and longer.
    Like I said these are just my points to what it could be.

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    Maybe he's bored?
    How often do you walk him and for how long?
    Do you play with him often?
    Do you train?
    Have you tried giving any food toys like Kongs?

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    I have been having the same prob with one of my dogs. He does it out of boredom. When I get home from work he is standing in the middle of the yard barking at the sky. When I can't take him out, we play in the yard, but understandably he tires of that quickly. Last night we had a break in the weather so took the dogs out to the park for an hour. This morning, not one single bark so far. Sky is looking grey at the moment, so am gonna take the dogs out before it starts raining.

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    people reckon that dogs and childred can see your house haunted?..........(only messing)

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