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Thread: Dogs and Fence Running.

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    Default Dogs and Fence Running.

    Hi Everyone,

    Well about 3-4 months back now, my partner and I saved a dog from the pound - she is a gorgeous dog. Staffy x sheppard of some sort. She has been an absolutely great dog when it comes to most thing, she has a great temprement, mixes great with family and kids and is pretty obedient.

    Our problem is now that she tends to run up and down the fence line causing muddy tracks. We have a dog next door, plus another behind us and a park on the other side. Not only that we have kids next door that pop there heads over and call her name which I think does nothing but make her overexcited! She barks a bit whilst doing this but it's not a constant habit, she doesn't walk up and down the fence line all day - but enough that the tracks are now well and truely laid down!

    So what do we do? I have tried to interrupt her while she is running up the fence line but nothing, I've tried putting her in the kennel everytime I catch her doing it, but again nothing. I've got no problems with a dog barking, they are dogs, but not running up and down the fence - is there a solution?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Is this a problem because you are renting? If so yes, I can understand why you want it stopped but if not, does it really matter?
    My 3 have made paths in and around their areas but then We do own this place.

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    Thanks for the quick reponse.

    We actually own the place, so thats not an issue. I, to be honest, don't mind too much - but it's when it rains that she gets ABSOLUTELY covered in mud lol. At the end of the day, dogs will be dogs.

    Btw, cute dogs in the sig

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    Maybe you could put some garden tiles down so it looks a little nicer and she doesnt get so muddy!

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    Yeah try laying something over the top of the dirt that she can't destroy by running on it. That way she will hopefully stay a little cleaner when it rains.

    UMMM Pictures are mandatory :P

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    She is all cleaned up now, but here is a photo of her (Marley - Right Side) with her new best friend Indy. Indy is a pure bred american staffy. They love each other to death, love to snuggle and play on the mat. They are too cute and marley has become a mother to her

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    what good looking dogs!

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    Absolutely gorgeous dogs. Look at those eyes....I reckon they can get away a lot with those eyes
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    Gorgeous pups!

    I would consider putting gravel down along the fence line, or even putting garden beds there and fencing them off.
    We had issues with our mob barking at the neighbors dogs through the fence.
    We ended up putting a garden bed the whole way around the yard, fenced it off while the plants grew and now we don't have an issue.
    We took the temp fencing away once the bushes were big enough not to be trampled any more.

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    Running tracks are pretty normal.

    We have them on two of our fence lines, then we have one in the middle of the lawn that leads to the favoured wee spot, and another one that leads to the start of one of the running tracks LOL

    We rent, itll grow back

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