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Thread: Dogs and Fence Running.

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    I've heard of people putting mini fences at right angles to the main fence to make running along the fence more difficult.

    I would do whatever it took to stop it from happening. I don't leave my dog outside unsupervised, so if she starts up stuff like that I bring her back inside.

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    yer I would just put something down so she doesn't get muddy. I totally understand where you are coming from. My husky loves it when it rains, loves digging, rolling and running around like an idiot in the rain haha. I would be mindful of the gravel though as we have put gravel down but when they run they can kick it up and it goes everywhere. If you have a good way to contain it or to harden more than we did thats great but just be mindful. cleaning up gravel is even less fun then cleaning up dog poo
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