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Thread: Problem Female Bull Arab Help Needed Asap

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    John....can you hear me trip trapping over you bridge?

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    AK. I have a pointer (did not know until he started growing up and pointing at the cat, chooks etc).
    He is sociable with other dogs, loves to play, submissive when challenged.

    However he is a homebody who loves nothing more than to be sniffing the ground, flushing out and chasing
    lizards,birds, flies and anything else that moves. We have a small farm so he is lucky in that regard.

    I have to work with what I have - so have tailored his play with homemade toys to satisfy his prey drive,
    (which has kicked in bigtime, now that he is going on 9 months old).
    Playtime is held in a smallish backyard but he enjoys it no less. He loves the games more than anything.

    Do you feel you really need to take your dog out to dog parks etc?
    Unfortunately the aggressive SWF (and I have met quite a few) starts something in a park and the
    large dog cops the blame.

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    *sigh* school holidays....dont you love em :

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    Oh dear John, that was a bit harsh. Clearly not all dogs can go "off leash" when other dogs are around. And in my experience too many people who have not sufficiently trained or socialised their dogs will let them go off leash then wonder why there is a problem. Adrian has asked for help and I hope someone can do that. I have recently used a trainer with a large company, but really it depends on the individual trainer. He was excellent, came to our home, set up situations to get our dog to behave in certain ways and showed us how to handle the situation.

    As far as aggression to other dogs goes, we have had success with obedience classes. This works because the dogs are on leash, and we do focus on the dogs being introduced to the other dogs in a calm way, and also being taught to "leave", which can apply to other dogs or anything else that you would like your dog to ignore.

    I would try some controlled socialising on leash and obedience classes. I hope things work out for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Have you considered doing what would be considered by most and that is to have the dog destroyed. What gives you the right to keep a dog who attacks other innocent animals at your command. I hope you get fined alot more than 2500 dollars next time and that you also receive a jail sentence for being so senseless
    John -

    Where did the opening poster (OP) say they ask their dog to attack on command?

    Why have you posted a reply in such an old thread - last comment was July before you posted.

    I think your comment says more about what kind of person you are than anything about the Opening Poster who is trying to do the right thing.

    I do think the soft muzzle would be better on the dog than in the owner's pocket if it's prone to attack/bite too hard.

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