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    I have a 3 year old female schipperke. she has been trained at dog school. In the last 6 months she has become aggressive towards other dogs but only while she is tied up, backed into a corner or on a leash, she snaps, growls and would bite other dogs if I didnt intervene. She is not aggressive to humans and is generally a submissive dog. Why would she be doing this I think its fear but Im not sure, and what can I do to stop this? she is not aggressive to dogs unleashed but she sometimes looks intimidated and shies away. This is new behaviour and she has never been attacked or abused by dogs or other people. Please help me!

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    She isn't being aggressive from what you describe, she is being reacting. She is displaying appropriate aggression IMO. She is frightened and feels the need to protect herself. You need to go back to dog school to have some good experienced with onlead dogs and tying dogs up. I don't have time atm so hopefully someone will come through and describe how to desensitize a dog to stimulus.

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    she has been through all 5 levels of training at dog school. it was never a problem then, however she was also distracted from other dogs as her attention was on me the whole time and after training she was happy to stay on her lead while i chatted to other people with dogs running free - this is why im not sure how or why she has started this behaviour? She finished training about 18 months ago.
    She is not bothered by other dogs on leads while walking and ignores and walks right past them, but if a free dog comes to her while she is still on a lead god help me! she will start up. I am interested in the desensitisation stuff, how could I do it without a fight starting? should I muzzle her? she hasnt actually bitten a dog but I have always intervened before its gotten that bad, I think maybe she would if things got out of control.

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    Hi Skipper

    I am not a qualified trainer. I can only offer my experiences.

    You are exactly right, IMO it is fear based.

    Tying a dog up and then other unknown dogs or people approaching them forces many dogs into a vulnerable position. Damage control....She is protecting herself. She is scared and unsure IMO.

    I am unsure as to whether she is ok on lead with you (not tied back) with dogs and people approaching or if it is only when she is tied back....

    You need to be aware of her fear aggression at all times and ensure you do not set her up for failure in the short term until these issues are addressed professionaly.

    Get in touch with your mentors/trainers.

    Good luck!!


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    I'm trying to picture the situation here and I am left wondering why your dog would be in this position? How come your dog is tied up when other's aren't? OR why aren't the other dogs on a leash or tied up also?

    Sorry...I don't mean to offend ,but I can't blame your dog for feeling threatend in this position....muzzling her would only make the matter worse I would think (she'd feel defenceless).

    Sorry I can't offer any suggestions as I still don't know exactly what the situatuation is
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