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Thread: Help/advice with Training Me 2 Dogs

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    Default Help/advice with Training Me 2 Dogs

    Hi, i am new here and this is my first thread. we have 2 dogs one besenji Zac and a toy poodle cross bichon frise Rudi. My dogs mostly live outside except when it comes to bed time i let them in the house to sleep usually under the bed.

    My wife is now 10 weeks of being due with our new baby boy, Parker, And i have now relised that if we want the baby to sleep in the our room for the first few months with us. the dogs will have to go out. just in case they knock something over etc.

    Problem is they bark,howl and scratch at the door all night if we go to bed and there still out side. is there anything we can try now before its to late? i really don't want them waking the baby up. My wife has suggested getting rid of them but there's no way in the world i will be one of those losers who dump there animals at the refuge. We originally got the besinji from the pound he had been there for most of his life 5 yrs and was returned twice when he was not wanted. And even know my wife suggested that she would regret it.

    I do have a garage and a shed i could let them sleep in, which they hate? but besides that i have no idea, any help would be good.

    And to add to that when we first got Zac he was abused and was afraid of men, its taken me ages to get his trust. he would not come near me for months and was afraid to come in the house. now he is 100% confident and very very pesky,
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    I would suggest buying a crate and crate training them asap. That way they can either still sleep in your room in their crates as that way they won't be able to knock things over or they can sleep in the living room or another room of the hours in their crates.

    If you do this the right way your dogs will think of their crates as their little dens and will be happy to go in their at night. To the point that after a while you wouldn't even need to shut the door and the dogs would be happy to stay inside them.

    Try Susan Garretts crate games to help get your dogs to love their crates.
    Crate Games

    Crates for sale
    Soft Dog Crates!
    There are loads more places you can buy them so make sure you shop around. You can also get metal wire crates if you think your dog would destroy a soft crate.

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    What about a wire pen that you put in your bedroom on the other side of the room to the baby. The dogs can sleep in the pen. Put beds in there for them and make it a safe, happy place for them to be, never use it as punishment.

    Better yet start crate training, and start it soon. There are threads here specifically on how to crate train etc.

    Really these issues should have been thought of months ago and there is no such thing as a quick fix.

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    Would 7 to 8 hrs be to long in the crate? i have seen those on tv etc but always thought it looked cruel, One thing i have found out is that besinjis are not like any dog i have had there very defiant. i might try that but im sure the crates are not cheap and money is a bit tight with having to buy all the baby stuff atm.

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    You can pick up crates from $40 on ebay.

    I think the playpen is a better idea.

    Crates are not cruel if introduced properly. If you throw the dog in and lock the door straight away for 8 hours then yeah the dog will hate it.

    My dog is crated every night. He puts himself to bed and will also hide his toys in the crate. It's where he goes to eat his bones and where he chooses to sleep. No dog would do that if they were being unfairly treated.

    Ultimately it's your decision. The only thing I can think of that would be a band aid for you is to set up a playpen like this one: 30" 8 Panel Pet Dog Puppy Enclosure Exercise Play Pen | eBay

    Both dogs in there at the same time, with soft comfy warm beds. It's only overnight when they're sleeping anyway so it's not like they need to be racing around all the time.

    ETA: My dog sleeps for 10-12 hours straight at night. So for me up to 8 hours is nothing because he won't wake up at that point anyway!

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    I am not sure my wife will be to keen on that ugly jumbo pen in our room haha, but we have to do something, is there anyway i can get them to be quiet and sleep outside in the shed or garage?

    They have got kennels which they use to sleep in but now they just sleep on the roof snoopy style.
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    My dad used to breed basenjis they are beautiful dogs. I remember dad had to have roofed cages out the back cos they would climb everything. So I don't think a pen would work.

    Crates sound like ur best bet u can get them on eBay pretty cheap.

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    That pen was merely a suggestion of something to look for.

    Try reading this: Nothing in Life is Free

    It might help, at the very least it will explain the behaviour that your dogs are exhibiting.

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    Oh, and if you're going for crates it's very important that the dogs have their own crates, so you'd need two crates for your two dogs.

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    It is not really fair for you to kick the dogs outside or into the garage because of a life change. These are things you should have thought about when you bought dogs home and allowed them to sleep in your room.

    Your best option is the crates, they are not cruel, they are a great, comfy, safe place for a dog to sleep in and as both myself and Angela have pointed out, if you do it right your dogs will LOVE their crates. Make them fun, happy places and your dogs will willingly put themselves to bed in their crates.

    I have photos of a gorgeous Basenji happily chilling in his crate at a weight pull event, he was happy and calm.

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