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Thread: Help/advice with Training Me 2 Dogs

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    I am very glad to hear you find time to walk and play with your dogs each day.
    Sorry this sentence led me to believe you were having trouble finding time for your dogs
    because you cant find time to happy let alone think about your dogs
    Crating is 100% your best option. When you are not at work take 30 min and look up a few good ways to get your dogs lo love their crate.

    This means not just putting them in their and shutting the door the first time they see it. It will probably take a few days to a few weeks to get them to really love their crates. Never force your dog into the crate.
    Personally I do it like this:-
    Day 1) I would start with setting up the crates and letting the dogs sniff around them and rewarding your dogs with treats for their interest in the crates. That is it.
    Day 2) Start with the same as day 1 and then maybe chuck some treats inside the crate so the dogs go in and eat and then come back out. That is it for day 2
    Day 3) Repeat day 1 and 2 steps and then chuck into the crate a chicken neck or something similar which is higher value than normal treats but takes a little longer to eat and then let them walk out again. End of day 3
    Day 4) Repeat previous steps and then while they are chewing on the chicken neck or similar item shut the door, just for 10 - 15 seconds and then open again and let them out.

    From there you should just gradually increase the time the door is shut and gradually increase the value of the food you give them while they are in their crate. Do not start locking them for the night in until you can see they are very comfy inside. Ie: They will walk in and lay down or relax without any or too much guidance from you, if they are sitting/standing at the door then they are still anxious of being in the crate.
    I would also suggest you start to play crate games (see my first post) with your dogs while you are gradually increasing their time in the crate, so they find it a fun place as well as a rewarding place to be.
    Verbal rewards/attention are also a really important past of crate training, especially if you have a dog who is not super food motivated. So make sure you give loads of praise and pats for the dogs going into the crates.
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    I would highly recommend you buy the Susan Garrett crate games DVD

    That is just a sample of how her crate games get dogs to really love the crate.

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    Crate Training for your Puppy

    Crate training is a lot kinder than shoving the dogs into the garage with no adjustment period.

    But the methods you use for crate training - you could also use for outside training.

    It takes a lot less time than 2 hours a day at the park.

    I also second getting the DVD and following that program.

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    I will get the dvd and the crates and start asap.

    Now how do i stop the besenji spewing in the car without drugs? within 5 mins he spews, needless to say they don't go driving much. not that it matters but i thought i might ask.

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    Glad to hear it

    That isn't really a training thing some dogs just can't do car travel unfortunately.

    In saying that I know that some dogs get travel sickness if their atlas is out (bone in their neck) so would be worth taking him to see a Vet Chiropractor if you can.

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    A dog chiro hey, he is really scared of storms to. my little bichon will quite happily play out in a really big thunder and lightning storm yet the big besenji is scared. And yes i let them in when he is scared

    Anyway once again thanks for all the help, if my dogs could thank you they would as well im sure.

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    Well there are ways to work through fear of storms as well LOL, or at least distracting them.

    My trainers have a Cav who is storm phobic. Basically with him they have a toy (balls of any kind) which he only gets at special occasions, he never gets them just to play with they are reserved for special occasions. They built balls up in his mind by bringing them out and playing with it themselves and showing it to him but never giving it to him until he was at the point that he just wanted the BALL and loved BALLS! And then they started pulling it out and actually letting him play with it during storms and it has got to a point now that if he hears a storm coming he goes and stands at the ball draw instead of fussing about the storm.

    You could try something similar. You just have to choose something that the basenji will only get during storms and make sure you spend time building up this toy as something fantastic and fun in his mind. It can be anything but it needs to be something you can put away unless there is a storm about.

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    He is ok once he gets inside, the snuggles cure his anxiety fast.

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    the snuggles cure his anxiety fast
    The snuggles also reward the behaviour ie encourage him to act "anxious" when he wants to come inside and get snuggles.

    There is a thing called a thunder shirt that wraps around a dog and sort of gives it a snuggle - and some dogs are hugely comforted by this. Other people I know keep something called "thunder bones" in the freezer and at the first sign of thunder and well before the dogs start to act up, they get the bones out for the dogs to chew on. This works with some dogs.

    Car sickness - how old is the basenji now? Puppys commonly get car sick but most of them grow out of it. It helps if you don't feed the dog before you plan to do a car trip. If the dog is 6 months or older, you may have made an association with the car and feeling sick which you will need to retrain. Eg put the dog in the car, and take him out again without going anywhere. Do this two or three times a day for varying lengths of time, ie few seconds to start with, building up to five minutes (set a timer or do it when you're out where the car is anyway) - don't do this in summer.

    You will know when the dog is starting to feel more comfortable about the car - because he will take a yummy treat like roast chicken. But if he's not comfortable he won't take a treat.

    For some dogs, not being able to see out helps, with small dogs you can make a kind of igloo or box in the bottom of the car and cover it over. But not sure what you could do for a basenji, they're quite big. My dog solved her problem by lying down on the back seat and putting her head down and shutting her eyes.

    Eventually - you can build up to regular short trips to somewhere fun. Eg if the park is a couple of minutes away by car - load the dog up into the car and drive to the park each day. This is what I did with my dog. She's game to sit up now on the way to the park. But she couldn't do it when she was a puppy.

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    he only does it when theres a storm, otherwise i wouldnt let him in, its only fair he is really scared. im no push over you cant be with a besenji.

    The besenji is 5 he is a old boy from the pound, i never had him as a puppy,
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