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    I have an 18month old Kelpie x Border Collie. Since she was a pup she was scared of loud noises or certain movements (eg. the ceiling fan or flapping a pair of shorts/pants etc) She is a very beautiful natured dog. I don't think I have ever seen her growl or bare teeth at anything. Although she is always submissive to other dogs and when you rouse on her.
    At 6 months of age she got out of the yard and spent a night on her own until the council picked her up, which did shake her up a little. Basically what is the biggest problem at the moment and that I am looking for advice on is: She digs up the yard heaps. Which is obviously because she is bored or anxious. The reason she is bored is because we definatly do not take her out for walks nearly enough. Why don't we take her for walks you might wonder? Not because we are lazy. It is because she is terrified of moving cars and since we live on a main road, its very difficult to take her for a walks. If we pull out the lead and say ‘lets go for a walk’ she will run away and hide. One time we even found her shaking in the corner. When we do force her to come for a walk, once we get past the main roads she relaxes a little bit more but is still anxious especially when she gets back as she has to go on the main road to come and go.
    I am not sure if the time she got out has something to do with this as she was scared before that incident.

    So basically we are stuck in a bit of a circle here. She digs because she is bored or anxious which is because she doesn’t get taken for walks, which is especially worse when she is a high energy working dog breed. (We originally got that breed so we could take her for walks/runs etc)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are willing to train her but just want to have the right methods to do so.
    or if anyone else has had a similar expierence, what helped get your dog on track?

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    You have a dog who is clearly very fearful.

    I would be seeking advice from a Behavioural Dog Trainer. Not sure what area you are located in but if you are able to provide a round abouts location I am sure we can provide you with suggestions on good trainers to contact.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    We live on Brisbane Northside. We have definatly been thinkin about getting a Behavioural expert out. Any recommendations?

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    Yep I can recommend some great trainers. I will PM you details.

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