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    Hi guys,

    I'm new here, and this may seem like a really stupid question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere else :S

    Does my dog have to be purebred to compete in agility competitions?
    I have a 2 year old "lurcher" (collie deerhound cross, with possibly some greyhound in her). She runs fast, jumps high (and fast!!) and these are possibly her favourite joys in life! With her being a smart dog, I think agility would be something she would enjoy quite a bit.

    Sorry for sounding so stupid, I really have no idea about any of this stuff :|


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    Trust me you dont sound stupid, I knew nothing about much before joining here LMAO

    They dont have to be purebred, which I learnt here!

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    Thank you very much!

    Just going through the forum, I think I'm going to like it here

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    Your dog does not have to be a purebred to compete in agility. There are two different groups that run agility competitions in Australia and both have an associate register. An associate register is so you can register your mixbred to compete with that group, all dogs on the associate register must be desexed.

    I'd recommend checking out an agility group in your area. Call up and find out if they have any prerequisites to join.

    I'm hoping to start agility training soon (Hubby has made me some weave poles and jumps already), but my dog and I aren't quite at the point i'd trust her to be offlead in a distracting situation.

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    Excellent, I think I'll have a ring around and see what I have to do.

    I am exactly the same, I'd like to do some general obedience classes with her first, because my dog is fast and if she decided to ignore me offlead, she'd be gone.

    Maybe setting up some things like weave poles and jumps etc in the backyard is a good idea, so we can start doing basics in an environment where I'm not worried about her taking off.

    Thank you so much!

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    I'd highly recommend joining ADAA's associate register. With the ANKC register you can only have one crossbreed in your lifetime registered with them.

    Here's their website: Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd : ADAA

    It's tonnes of fun to do!

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    If you are a beginner I would definitely join a club and find out the basics before setting up equipment in your backyard There are a few safety things to be conscious of and one accident can either injure your dog for life or create mental barriers that can be very difficult to fix.

    You can start some 'foundation' training which will be helpful - things like solid stays, following your hand on your left and your right, sending them away to a toy or food pot, rear end awareness (eg. walking through ladders on the ground) and general obedience as you have said.

    Have fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelanBatty View Post
    I'd highly recommend joining ADAA's associate register. With the ANKC register you can only have one crossbreed in your lifetime registered with them.
    Only in QLD! Nowhere else has a restriction on Associate Register dogs.

    There are also limited or no ADAA trials in some areas of Australia so it depends on location as to which one suits you better.

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    That definitely sounds like a better idea - I would never want to do anything to hurt her.

    I will definitely start out on that foundation training - do you have any specific techniques you have found most useful?

    Once again going to sound stupid - what exactly is "ANKC"? Sorry :S

    Thanks for your help!!

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    ANKC is the Australian National Kennel Council

    It's basically the controlling body for all the state clubs. When you join a dog club you join the club for your state, therefor automatically entering into the ANKC.

    And nope, no restrictions here either on how many mixed breeds can go on the companion register.

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    I started agility about 6 month ago with my 3.5 year old minis.

    I find that the fact that he has developed basic skills in obedience training is very useful to the point where you dog can stick around you without leash attached to it (this means reasonable level of commands such as sit/stay/come etc) IMO.

    I find agility training is really bonding experience with your dog but at the same time can be quite stressful as a dog owner in many different ways. Do try one day!
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